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Bitcoin Expands Bitcoin Buying and Selling Services To Canada


Jp Buntinx · @ | Mar 01, 2016 | 03:40

Bitcoinist_247Exchange Bitcoin Expands Bitcoin Buying and Selling Services To Canada


Jp Buntinx · @ | Mar 01, 2016 | 03:40


Bitcoin exchange platforms around the world keep evolving as more time progresses. Consumers want quick and convenient access to digital currency, as well as an option to exchange back to fiat currency when needed. Has been working hard to provide both of these services, and they have now expanded their business to Canada. Purchasing digital currency with CAD becomes easier than it has ever been before.

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Bitcoinist_247Exchange Vogogo

Putting oneself on the map as a global Bitcoin exchange is not an easy feat these days, although several platforms are coming close to achieving that global appeal. Until that situation becomes a reality, companies such as keep expanding their services one region at a time, bringing more convenient way to purchase Bitcoin to countries all over the world.

Canada has been chosen as the country of interest for, as their Bitcoin buying and selling service are now available to local digital currency enthusiasts. By partnering with Vogogo – who have become a household name in the world of Canadian digital currency exchanges – processing more traditional forms of payment should not be an issue for the exchange. Founder Anton Vereshchagin stated:

“We’re building the global project and we are very excited to expand our activity to Canadian market. Certainly it will be one of the most important directions for us. Bitcoin users in Canada, especially the newbies, need easy, safe and instant way to convert CAD to crypto and vice versa. We are proud to provide them such opportunity”.

In return, this partnership gives Canadians the option to conveniently buy Bitcoin, as long as they have an account with any bank in the country. Through local payments such as direct debit and Interac Online, transactions can be executed in near real-time. No longer will users need to wait hours before they receive their funds, as these types of transactions are confirmed within seconds or minutes.

But there is more to this partnership, as Vogogo can process debit and credit card transactions on behalf of as well. Many consumers have been looking for ways to buy digital currency with their plastic card, a solution that has been previously all but inaccessible due to high fraud rates and chargebacks.

Cash Payments Are Accepted Too

Bitcoinist_247Exchange Vogogo MoneyPolo

Those Canadian Bitcoin enthusiasts who do not have access to a bank account or plastic cards can still purchase digital currency from A different partnership with MoneyPolo lets users buy and sell Bitcoin in exchange for CAD across the entire country.

Such a wide variety of supported payment – and withdrawal – methods will help put on the map in Canada. Withdrawals can be made to plastic cards, bank accounts, or by using instant money transfer. Keeping in mind how this exchange is one of the few not to hold customer funds, can pride itself on processing all monetary transfers instantly.

What are your thoughts on expanding to Canada? Let us know in the comments below!

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