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3 Reasons Why Cardano is Mooning Right Now


Christine Vasileva | Jan 29, 2020 | 13:00

3 Reasons Why crypto Markets Have Crashed Today Altcoins

3 Reasons Why Cardano is Mooning Right Now


Christine Vasileva | Jan 29, 2020 | 13:00


Cardano (ADA) is one of the assets that’s seen significant price gains over January. ADA has attracted attention, for going out of its usual stagnant range-bound trading.

Cardano Broke Out of Range, Based on Renewed Publicity Efforts

ADA reached $0.055, its highest level since the summer of 2019, and looks like trying to break out of its long bearish slide. ADA also achieved most of its gains in the past few days, going parabolic both in dollar and BTC prices.

Here are the three major factors that sparked the most recent rally, where ADA rose along with other altcoins.

1. PwC Partnership

Charles Hoskinson, the project’s founder, announced a partnership with PwC, to achieve commercialization of the Cardano platform. The nature of the partnership, however, regards a rebranding and a marketing strategy, and says nothing about the actual use of ADA or the coming blockchain with additional solutions.

Still, after two years of relatively obscure activity, the Cardano project is starting to make more noticeably bullish progress. Attracting one of the biggest auditing firms to lead a new marketing strategy has added to the visibility of Cardano, and to more active ADA trading. The specifics of the campaign and partnership are not clear yet, and the date of the campaign launch is yet to be announced.

2. Yoroi Wallet Extension

The Yoroi wallet has accommodated more of the Cardano ecosystem, adding the Yoroi Shelley extension in its latest version.

Currently, ADA works as a simple token, but has worked to integrate itself with wallets and become more usable in the future. Along with the updated extension, come new features. This seems to be another bullish catalyst driving ADA price towards new yearly highs.

3. Successful Davos Conference

The Davos World Economic Forum in January hosted a Cardano delegation, headed by Charles Hoskinson himself. The event was very successful in boosting the project’s overall exposure to new prospective partners and investors, and arguably triggered the start of ADA’s bull run. During the Davos conference, Cardano announced it had signed a letter of intent with Finka Advisors, as well as a new collaboration with Dust Identity.

Cardano was one of the few projects to press the potential of blockchain solutions, viewed with extreme optimism as potentially challenging the leadership of Ethereum.

Is a Cardano Resurgence About to Begin?

The Cardano project caught the imagination of multiple investors during the bull run in 2017. But since then, the project has aged more than two and a half years since the launch of its initial mainnet. The actual use cases of Cardano and ADA remain limited with very few transactions for now, and the project once again tries to present its case for future potential. Cardano was supposed to have one of the more innovative consensus mechanisms, and allow scalable, cheap transactions and second-layer solutions.

The current price reawakening above 500 Satoshi, along with increasing dollar price, may lead to renewed speculative trading of ADA. The asset may also rise if altcoins continue move up in a general wave of optimism.

What do you think about the performance and promises of Cardano? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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