Reading: AE Property Management Starts Accepting Bitcoin


AE Property Management Starts Accepting Bitcoin


AE Property Management Starts Accepting Bitcoin

AE Property Management is now accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment for rent payments on any home it manages.

Once again, the real estate Business shows its friendliness to Bitcoin. AE Property Management is the latest Real estate business in the United States that  has started to accept the digital currency as a payment method for selling or renting houses. CEO and Founder Larry Dean Silvey states:

“It is with great pleasure that we announce our full acceptance of Bitcoin. We are eager to help anyone who wants to use bitcoin to invest with us or to rent a home. Stay tuned for more exciting developments unfolding with regards to Bitcoin.”

And apparently, the US isn’t the only country seeing bitcoin adoption from the real estate industry. Two weeks ago, RE/MAX London announced it was starting to accept the digital currency as a new payment method and many other are already dealing with it.

The company’s founder and CEO already was a bitcoin supporter and recently decided to add the new Payment feature:

“At the same time that I decided to invest in it myself, I knew I wanted to accept it in my business.”

AE Property Management manages properties in the greater Memphis area and surrounding counties. AE Property Management provides single family rental homes, investment services, property management and home sales throughout the Greater Memphis area, as well as all other surrounding communities.AE_porperty_Mamagement_article_1_Bitcoinist

Even though many critics say that Bitcoin is too unstable as a currency due to its high volatility, Silvey says it is completely convinced that bitcoin will be the future:

“I think it makes sense. I believe it is the future, and I like that it cannot bounce or be charged back. I think it is more valuable than the dollar. At this point, I am not concerned about volatility.”

This not only takes awareness of Bitcoin to a new and wider audience, but it also works as an endorsement giving bitcoin the needed credibility for new investors and more businesses to moving into bitcoin. And, of course, a tenant that receives bitcoin now has a place to spend those without having to convert them into Fiat currency. It will most certainly give more traction to both markets and shows how bitcoin can go from just being a digital currency to being real money!

In the press release, Silvey hasn’t revealed which method AE Property Management will be using to start accepting bitcoin. This might suggest that he is not interested in a partnership with payment processors and could be managing the company’s Bitcoin wallet accounts.

If you are looking for investment property or a place to rent in or near Memphis and want to use Bitcoin, you can visit AE Property Management’s site.

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