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Press releases

ASQ Protocol Prepares to Launch


Bitcoinist | Sep 06, 2018 | 16:00

ASQ Protocol Prepares to Launch Press releases

ASQ Protocol Prepares to Launch


Bitcoinist | Sep 06, 2018 | 16:00

After months of research and interaction with the crypto community, ASKfm is ready to introduce their newest offering for content creation and distribution — the ASQ Protocol. This new project aims to tackle many of the problems present in the current model of content distribution.

Commercial platforms, each with their own agendas and interests, are the gatekeepers for content discovery. Companies like Google, Facebook, and more control the means of both production and monetization for digital content. The result is media that is censored and manipulated to fit specific corporate needs. Moreover, the little rewards content creators receive are limited, and come with strings attached.

ASKfm is already working in the blockchain sector with the development of ASKfm 2.0 — the largest incentivized, blockchain-based Q&A social network — to allow users to take advantage of their knowledge and monetize their passion in a more democratic and decentralized manner. According to CEO Max Tsaryk, however, “We have recognized that our original idea touched profound problems underlying the content economy, but at the same time exposed a way for new opportunities. Thus, we decided to expand the scope of our project.”

The ASQ Protocol 

The ASQ Protocol is a decentralized solution for publishing, storing, sharing, and monetizing digital content. The project envisions a new economy for content creation as well as a monetization model that favors creators instead of middlemen. The platform will allow creators to own the content they build, reach broader audiences, and receive fair and transparent remuneration for the content produced.

ASQ Protocol — a part of the ASKfm network — will launch with an impressive user base already assembled. This includes 215 million users from ASKfm as well as 45 million users who are part of the NING ecosystem. NING offers custom social network solutions for businesses and supports over 2 million online communities. Overall, ASQ Protocol will count on 21 million monthly active users at the start, though that number will continue to grow. In addition to the younger demographics that make up the core market, the platform includes a variety of influencers, bloggers, and content creators.

With over 100 million installs on both iOS and Android, ASKfm delivers ASQ a ready-made ecosystem that empowers creators to thrive and find the right market for their content. Moreover, the blockchain ecosystem, which allows for tokenization of services, lets users compensate creators with ASQ tokens. This provides an equitable compensation model that rewards both parties for their contribution.

Most importantly, ASQ Protocol allows creators to connect directly with their audiences. For instance, a health enthusiast could find a trainer on the platform and pay the individual, in ASQ tokens, to craft a tailor-made workout and diet plan. Instead of having to pay overheads to work through an intermediary, the trainer can retain all of their profits while the enthusiast gains exclusivity to the content they sought. In this manner, the platform allows users to monetize their passion.

About ASQ Protocol

The ASKfm-backed project relies on an experienced team of advisors and industry veterans to guide it to fruition. This includes a group of advisors that span the globe from the US to Asia and the Middle East. The company also has an internal advisory board that covers a variety of collaborating sister projects. This will let the protocol strengthen its position and value proposition in the emerging digital economy, and help it integrate seamlessly with projects related to gaming, social media, marketing, dating, and many other fields.

The company is seeking to raise $21 million through a token sale, launching an airdrop campaign in September 2018.

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Image courtesy of ASKfm.

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