Martin Young

bitcoin price

Bitcoin Energy Value Targets $100k BTC Within 5 Years

A little known metric called energy value has been used to predict bitcoin prices over the next five years and the results are impressive. A tenfold rise from current price levels...

Martin Young | 6 hours ago
ethereum trillion dollar

Ethereum Conference Concludes With ETH 2.0 Launch Optimism

The annual Ethereum hackathon in Denver, Colorado was concluded yesterday with a number of significant project developments and renewed optimism for the ETH 2.0 launch. DeFi Dominated...

Martin Young | 8 hours ago
Altcoin Price

Bitcoin Pullback Accelerates, Is The Crypto Bull Run Over?

The crypto correction that began over the weekend has accelerated into Monday morning as bitcoin slides back towards support. Altcoins, which have rallied hard recently, are in deeper...

Martin Young | 10 hours ago
us debt in bitcoin terms

US Household Debt Hits Record Level, Is Bitcoin The Solution?

Recent reports indicate that the level of household debt in the US has reached a record high of over $14 trillion. Dollar devaluation and a flawed banking system have been the catalyst...

Martin Young | 1 day ago
bitcoin pullback

Crypto Markets See Red as Bitcoin Begins Correction, How Low Will BTC...

Market corrections are healthy and necessary after a long period of gains. Bitcoin remains above $10k this morning but pullback potential is growing as the altcoins start to see red...

Martin Young | 1 day ago
ethereum metamask 1 million users

Ethereum Browser Wallet Metamask Hits a Million User Milestone

Ethereum browser wallet Metamask has surpassed one million users of its Google Chrome extension. The milestone comes as ETH prices hit a seven month high. Ethereum Network Fundamentals...

Martin Young | 2 days ago
bitcoin dominance down

Bitcoin Dominance Drops to 8-Month Low, Is Altseason Finally Here?

Bitcoin has started to consolidate just above the $10k mark but altcoins are still climbing which has pushed BTC dominance to an eight-month low. Has the alt season finally arrived?...

Martin Young | 2 days ago
ethereum outperform bitcoin

How Ethereum (ETH) Could Outperform The Bitcoin Chart

Bitcoin has found another temporary consolidation zone in the low $10k region but Ethereum is still marching higher. One analyst has turned very bullish on ETH and can see it...

Martin Young | 2 days ago
bitcoin mining
Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining Stock Surges as Chinese Economy Falters

The economic fallout from the Coronavirus is starting to be felt across the world. China’s economy has been the hardest hit but contrary to wider market movements, bitcoin mining...

Martin Young | 3 days ago
bitcoin price analysis bull bulls
Bitcoin Price

How Bitcoin Prices Could Hit $11,500 in The Next Few Days

Another day and another yearly high has been hit by bitcoin on its march back upwards. Analysts are eyeing the next resistance levels and it seems that BTC has a bit further to go yet...

Martin Young | 4 days ago

Ethereum Prices Go Vertical, What is Driving the ETH Rally?

Ethereum has over doubled in price since the beginning of this year and yet again it is dominating crypto markets today. A new seven month high has been hit as ETH closes on $300 but...

Martin Young | 4 days ago
DeFi Sectors Delivered 250% ROI Over Last Year

How Crypto Savings Can Earn 250x More Than a Bank Account

The crypto industry is evolving into a decentralized financial landscape. This builds upon Satoshi’s original vision of becoming bankless, and some digital assets are yielding bank...

Martin Young | 5 days ago

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