Reading: A Baby’s Video Birth Certificate Digitally Notarized on the Blockchain

Bitcoin Breaking News Brief

A Baby’s Video Birth Certificate Digitally Notarized on the Blockchain

Jp Buntinx · @ | Nov 09, 2015 | 02:18

Bitcoin Breaking News Brief

A Baby’s Video Birth Certificate Digitally Notarized on the Blockchain

Jp Buntinx · @ | Nov 09, 2015 | 02:18

Most people are well aware of how blockchain technology can be used to achieve all kinds of different needs. Most of the focus is on the financial sector these days, but this revolutionary technology can be the platform society needs to transition into a digital age. Notarizing the birth certificate of your daughter through blockchain technology is just one of the many examples.

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Blockchain Technology Is A Notary ToolBitcoinist_Blockchain Technology Notary

So many different aspects of our society still exist in the regular form of physical documents, bogged-down administrations, and time-consuming methods. Whenever somebody needs an officially notarized document from the government or another person, the process can take weeks, if not months, to complete. Surely there must be a more efficient solution?

This is where blockchain technology comes into the picture, as this tool can be used to digitize all notarizations. Even though our society is not yet fully prepared to embrace this new digital lifestyle, presenting use cases anyone can relate to will make the transition a lot smoother.

That is exactly what Santiago Siri did, as he took the time to notarize the video birth certificate of his newly born daughter Roma on the blockchain. It is not often we see a video version of a birth certificate, but it is a proof of existence just like any other medium used in the world today.

Santiago Siri used the ProofofExistence service to achieve this goal, as the company allows users to hash videos, photos, or regular documents with a Bitcoin transaction. The result is a timestamped proof of the existence of Roma Siri, on the blockchain, which can never be altered, tampered or permuted.

Over the next few years, you will hear more stories like these. People want to notarize as many things in life as possible, as hard evidence of something proven to exist is hard to come by these days. Whether or not more parents will register their baby’s birth on the blockchain, remains to be seen. But this just goes to show you how versatile blockchain technology is.

Begone, Archaic Administrations, and Paperwork!Bitcoinist_Digital Age

Creating incorruption proof of a timestamped log can have major ramifications. For example, registering a trademark or copyright claim on any content through the blockchain creates a far more valid proof of existence compared to a piece of paper. As the blockchain can not be tampered by any means, the proof is irrefutable, yet public for everyone to see.

Notary services over the blockchain could very well put a lot of real-life notaries out o a job in the next few years. Slow-working administrations and become a thing of the past, once people start embracing the digital alternative. In the end, it will make our society far more efficient, streamlined, and productive.

What are your thoughts on notary services using blockchain technology? Have you ever used such a service? Let us know in the comments below!

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