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World’s Largest Bitcoin Asset Portfolio for Sale After $250K Deal


Bitcoinist | Apr 11, 2016 | 11:10


World’s Largest Bitcoin Asset Portfolio for Sale After $250K Deal


Bitcoinist | Apr 11, 2016 | 11:10


Never Lose Vision, LLC (NLV) thinks that Bitcoin startups are doing marketing all wrong. According to NLV media consultant and managing director Niko Younts, bitcoin startups are wasting their time shaking hands and giving out candy at Bitcoin conferences. Instead, he says they should be investing in exact-match, premium Bitcoin domain name asset portfolios. He has the numbers to back it up, too. NLV boasts the world’s largest portfolio of bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency domain names, and has recently sold one of them for $250,000 USD. He has 983 Premium domains remaining in his digital treasure chest.

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Investing in Domain Asset Portfolios


Bitcoin assetYounts says that even though “Bitcoin Venture Capital funding now exceeds $1 Billion USD,” Bitcoin venture capitalists and C-suites around the world are “still missing the real opportunity; owning assets and controlling global marketing channels. Regardless of whether there are 8 million, 88 million, or 888 million  ‘bitcoin wallets’ there is only ONE on the planet Earth.”

Never Lose Vision aims to fix this problem and make sure the Bitcoin ecosystem’s venture capital funding gets put to productive use. The company wants to help Bitcoin startups secure ownership over premium Bitcoin domains, which they say have been proven to drive traffic better than any other traditional marketing method currently used in the industry. “Every single day we have highly-targeted and unprovoked web traffic from around the world. Since 2013, our digital asset portfolio has delivered millions of visits spanning forty countries and six continents.”

The rest of the Bitcoin industry could take advantage of these rare domains, Younts says, and Younts points to firms such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo to show how premium domain marketing can create huge opportunities for Bitcoin companies.

”Global financial institutions and other Fortune 500 companies may not yet fully comprehend the ‘Bitcoin Network’ – or specifically how Bitcoin Wallets and Bitcoin Exchanges integrate and function, but they certainly understand the value of investing in and securing global marketing channels and premium domain assets. The consistent six and seven-figure sales are the crystal-clear proof, says Younts.”

He then went on to list countless  examples of global financial and tech firms who take advantage of exact-match premium domain assets:

  • Bank of America = Loans .com
  • Wells Fargo = HomeLoans .com
  • Discover = StudentLoan .com
  • NatPay = DirectDeposit .com
  • Valpak = Savings .com
  • Moody’s Corporation = Economy .com
  • Xerox = ColorPrinters .com, Documents .com
  • Expedia = CarRentals .com
  • Travelocity = Reservations .com, Vacations .com
  • Time Inc = Money .com, Health .com,
  • Intel = Chips .com, PC .com Netbook .com
  • Intuit = Banking .com, Apps .com, Payroll .com
  • CitiGroup = Finance .com, Mortgage .com, StudentCreditCard .com
  • Fidelity = Retire .com, Funds .com, 401k .com, 529Plan .com, 529Plans .com
  • Deluxe Corp = Checks .com
  • Monster Worldwide = Jobs .com, Admissions .com, Military com
  • Sales Force = Social .com, Work .com, Data .com, Database .com, Desk .com, Site .com,
  • Quin Street = Insurance .com, Insure .com, Internet .com
  • Northwestern Mutual = LifeInsurance .com
  • Guardian Insurance = WholeLifeInsurance .com
  • New York Community Bank = Checking .com, DebitCard .com, HomeEquity .com, CheckingAccounts .com
  • DELL = CloudComputing .com
  • AOL = Advertising .com, Games .com, Love .com
  • AT&T = Mobile .com, FastAccess .com, WebHosting .com
  • Classified Ventures = Apartments .com, Auto .com, Cars .com
  • Microsoft = Investor .com, CashBack .com, Docs .com, GPS .com, Live .com, Office .com, Start .com, Surface .com, Juice .com,
  • General Electric = AutoLeasing .com, CarLeasing .com, TransportationServices .com

Euro AssetYounts also noted the LEASE via bitcoin wallets and exchange firm OkCoin in China last year for $10,000 per month. In addition, he added that the BTC .com domain was reported SOLD at $1,000,000 although he has reason to believe it was a lease-to-own agreement for $25,000 per month which has since been declared officially void.

Younts’ firm recently sold for $250,000 USD and he says that the purchasers have turned the generic domain asset into a multi-million dollar business. “Those guys are super sharp. They realized early the value of investing heavy on the frontend for an industry-defining brand which gives them more than just free traffic and higher search rankings, but more importantly, a timeless competitive advantage. Some of their competitors have double or triple-digital millions in funding – and they’re outranking them in search. It’s a classic lesson in digital asset management and strategy that so many C-suites ignore across many  industries.”

NLV has decided to test the market temperature once again., the plural version of the highly profitable, is now officially for sale, and Younts says that his research proves that this domain asset has the potential to be huge. “We’ve experimented across our portfolio with adsense and affiliate monetization, co-branded responsive landing pages . . . and even simple 301-redirects to capture the most targeted of all web traffic,” Younts says. “After a few different four-week R&D trials we landed hundreds of our exact-match bitcoin domains on page one of search. The value and potential are undeniable. This isn’t a maybe, what-if, who-cares conversation,” Younts adds. “These premium Bitcoin domain assets can and will change someone’s P&L, it just takes a little bit of vision and execution.”

The portfolio includes the ultra-premium, industry-definfing asset; and the remaining domain assetss can be seen listed at Further emphasizing how important he thinks these exact-match domains are, Younts says that, “We’re looking for someone to have that ahh-haa moment and realize their glossy business cards or creative promoted tweets are not bringing them any new business. You have to ask yourself an honest question; Do you want to simply exist and work against the grain, or do you want to give global web-surfers an intuitive and memorable brand that they trust, respect, and will recall?”

“I see bitcoin wallets companies land $10 million in venture capital and the first thing they do is sprint to the bitcoin conference and pass out t-shirts or marketing slicks that say ‘bitcoin wallets’ . They’re simply promoting our  brand and they launch without any traffic, ,  assets, or any competitive intelligence. I’m not sure what their growth strategy is, but the bowl of free candy is NOT savvy marketing. Own ASSETS not HYPE.”

-Niko Younts

Bitcoinist is partnering with Younts and NLV to promote the sale of his asset portfolio. Thanks to Never Lose Vision, we are able to provide a 10% discount to any of our readers who acquire his asset portfolio in full, or any individual premium domain assets within the portfolio including the trio and

To take advantage of this deal, simply use the discount code “Vision21” during the sales process.


If you agree with Younts’ vision for the future of global Bitcoin marketing and development, then this rare offer could be your opportunity to invest in the next wave of financial technology. Bitcoin executives or entrepreneurs who take advantage of these premium domain assets portfolio could be gearing up to potentially secure a front row seat next to some of the world’s largest global financial institutions.

For more information regarding the domains, contact:

Niko Younts: + CC:

Mobile: Phone: +1.513.225.4757

About Never Lose Vision, LLC

Since 2005, we have been fully engaged with premium domain assets as an alternative investment class alongside global media and marketing analysis. With more than $3M as a broker / owner and having contributed to more than $100MM of digital on a global scale, we have been called upon to advise and collaborate with private investors, newspapers, tv stations, magazines, yellow page publishers, pro athletes, startups, as well as a few publicly-traded companies.

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