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Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.Biz Helps Crypto Users Who Value Privacy


Bitcoinist | Mar 24, 2020 | 05:43

BitMix.Biz bitcoin mixing service Sponsored Article

Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.Biz Helps Crypto Users Who Value Privacy


Bitcoinist | Mar 24, 2020 | 05:43


Privacy is of the most valued features of Bitcoin, but AML/KYC requirements are making it less relevant. Fortunately, BitMix.Biz can help you move your crypto funds without being traced.

Why Anonymity Is Still Important

When Bitcoin first came out, anonymity was promoted as one of its main features. Still, the nature of blockchain makes all addresses traceable. Today, the almost compulsory connection between holders’ personal IDs with digital wallets due to the increasing regulatory pressure made anonymity a more exotic option.

Even though many governments and regulators often put anonymity in the same basket with illegal activities, the two have nothing to do with each other. We can use fiat cash anonymously as well, but no one denies the legality or ethics of money.

On the contrary, the Bitcoin community should have preserved anonymity as an imperative feature since it values privacy. This is especially important since the cryptocurrency attracts many hackers and thieves, as its value has skyrocketed during the last few years.

Keeping anonymous would be the best method to prevent from being hacked and BitMix.Biz can help you achieve just that. BitMix.Biz brand itself as a mixer service, and helps clients conduct anonymous Bitcoin transfers to stay away from hackers and blockchain analyzers like Chainalysis.

How Does BitMix.Biz Bitcoin Mixer Work?

As the name of the service suggests, BitMix.Biz mixes the clients’ crypto funds between themselves, so that no one could track the original source. A user can send Bitcoin to BitMix.Biz, and the service will send back an equivalent amount from a pool of pre-mixed coins. Ultimately, the client’s funds reach the same pool of reserves that is then utilized for subsequent users. In this way, users can protect the privacy of their transactions.

Forensics firms and analyzers like Chainalysis might do a great job at researching blockchains. However, the truth is that they are often handy for criminal groups. Hackers can penetrate crypto exchanges, extract data about users (since most exchanges require KYC/AML verifications), and then find your main wallets thanks to analyzers. With a good Bitcoin mixing service, you can have peace of mind.

While you might want to mix Bitcoins, you should be careful with the scams that require you to send the crypto funds and never send you back the equivalent amount. BitMix.Biz is a well-established Bitcoin blender that has been around for quite some time. Here are some of its key features that you may consider:

  • The mixing service supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash.
  • There is support for Clearnet, Tor, and NoJS (without JavaScript) version.
  • The fee is the lowest on the market – 0.005 BTC, LTC or DASH. Ranges from 0.4% to 4%
  • The funds are transferred instantly since BitMix.Biz already has pre-mixed coins in its reserves.
  • You get full anonymity. BitMix.Biz requests a minimum of necessary information and stores it only for 72 hours or removes it manually immediately ( by clicking on Delete Order)
  • You can append the service’s API to your projects
  • Biz supports multiple languages, including English, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, German, Dutch, and Polish.

All in all, we think BitMix.Biz is one of the leading services for those who care about their privacy.

Have you had any experience with Bitcoin mixers? Share your story in the comments section!

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