Bitkong Review: Try This New ‘most Addictive Bitcoin Game Ever’

Are you ready to face the mighty BitKong? It is a new (and possibly addictive) bitcoin game where you can play and earn bitcoin the process.


It’s a game where you try to find fruit and go up a ladder to find more fruit on each level. The higher you go, the more bits you collect. If you find gorilla poop instead of fruit you lose all the bits that you collected so far. Let’s have a closer look…


Before you get started you can try the game out by using the faucet. Claim your bits and then select what level you would like to try: Easy, Medium or Hard. The higher the level the more bits each level pay but the harder it is to find fruit.

You can adjust how much you are betting on each round at the bottom with the smallest amount being 10 bits. Once you find fruit you can cash out and press the “collect” button. It will say “collect x bits” or however many bits you have won so far.

If you want to risk it then try to find some more fruit, then you will win even more. If you are unlucky and find poop, then you lose all the bits that you have collected so far. It is very easy to deposit, withdraw or use the faucet. The buttons are located at the top of the page.

Next, let’s take it to the next level and connect our account to Facebook.


Don’t worry, nobody will know you’re a ‘crypto-nerd’ and connected Bitkong to your Facebook. But doing so will get you more bitcoin. You can also pay to upgrade your account and get more bits or boost your account.

If you enjoy playing then this is the way to go. For example, pay 2,000 bits to get 30 bits every five minutes. That is a 332% bonus. Keep in mind that the upgrade is only active for 24 hours, however. This is a very easy-to-understand bonus system that can be customized to fit your playing needs.


Yes, it is. You can verify every tickets fairness right below where you play. Hash, seeds, and the results are all there and can be verified.


If you are a top player in the daily or weekly hall of heroes you can win even more bitcoin. Every day the top 10 win prizes up to 30,000 bits and every week the top ten wins prizes up to 300,000 bits.

On the weekend the faucet pays out more: 30 bits every ten minutes and sometimes during “funky hour” you can get 6x 50 bits. This is maybe the best bitcoin faucet out there and doesn’t have any annoying pop-ups.


Just when you thought that was all there is also a nice affiliate program. You can earn bitcoin by inviting your friends to use BitKong or you can give your friends BitKong gift cards.

If you want to make a BitKong gift card just deposit and then go to the bottom where it says “buy gift card” to buy or redeem a gift card.

In conclusion, it’s easy to play and its minimalistic style makes BitKong a very fun game to play while earning bitcoin. It has one of the best bitcoin faucets out there with some great sound effects as well. If you haven’t tried it yet, be sure to check  it out and perhaps you’ll agree that BitKong is the most addictive Bitcoin game ever!