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Bitlanders: A Social Network That Pays You Bitcoin


Bitlanders: A Social Network That Pays You Bitcoin


Bitlanders is a fairly new social platform that rewards its users for their content. BitLanders has developed an entire new way for participants to earn bitcoin for their content and social activity. The platform allows all contributors to easily earn bitcoin, which is the BitLanders ecosystem’s currency.

Bitlanders was founded by Francesco Rulli an entrepreneur running an online film distribution platform. Rulli saw an opportunity and decided to develop this amazing social network.

The Social platform strives for Bitcoin awareness while promoting worldwide access to the blockchain technology in a fun, unique, and safe environment. Even though it follows the same pattern as mainstream social networks have adopted, Bitlanders introduces a whole new way for users to get some value out of their contribution to the network.bitlanders_article_1_Bitcoinist

The platform has been trying to achieve its mission to promote Bitcoin awareness over the globe by actively contributing to charity and sponsorships as well.

Earning Bitcoin with Bitlanders

With bitlanders users get bitcoins just for doing stuff that they already do on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a pretty simple process. Users who contribute and participate in the social platform are awarded regarding their posting activity performance.

Just by posting images, videos or writing posts, users will be able to earn some tips directly from the social media platform. It takes time for users to earn a good amount, but it can increase pretty fast if their content becomes very popular.

The Buzz Score

bitlanders_article_2_BitcoinistBuzz Score is calculated daily, and users are awarded an amount of bitcoins correspondent to the Buzz Score. The Buzz Score is the patent pending measurement that BitLanders implemented to quantify user’s scores and reward them based on the popularity of the content they produce. The higher a user Buzz Score is, higher their returns will be.

Shopping system

BitLanders users are rewarded in Bitcoin. Having this in mind, the Bitlanders team also thought to develop a place where users can spend their earnings. Bitlanders allows users to withdraw their earnings to their wallet or they can spend Bitcoin directly on bitLanders shopping section; there, users can easily buy several items such as stickers, avatar accessories, gift cards, mobile credit, and even Paypal credit with their earnings.

Charity and Sponsorships

Bitlanders has been working with charities by using their dedicated page where the platform users can use their Bitcoin to donate to the participating charities.

The platform has also shown great interest in promoting bitcoin through a sponsorship in the 2015 NY Open Judo. Ny Open Judo 2015The New York Open Judo was the only international sports competition to reward its athletes in Bitcoin. This was made possible by bitLanders which for the second time sponsored the event and awarded $100 prize money in Bitcoin for every Ippon (Judo knock-out) scored in the Women’s Team competition.

BitLanders opened its doors in August 2014, and currently has  500,000 users with an extended network of 180 million fans and friends, if you want to become part of the bitlanders family just open your account!

What do you think about BitLanders rewarding method? Let us know in the comments below!

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