Reading: Breakout Gaming Making Progress on New eSports Platform

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Breakout Gaming Making Progress on New eSports Platform

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Jul 24, 2016 | 23:00

Bitcoin PR Buzz

Breakout Gaming Making Progress on New eSports Platform

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Jul 24, 2016 | 23:00

Breakout gaming, the team behind the new Breakout Coin (BRK) and Breakout Stake (BRX), is making progress with its new player-vs-player (PVP) eSports platform, creating what they call “an attractive use-case for BRK beyond trading.”

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Breakout GamingMarketed for both professional gamers and casual players, “BreakoutPvP” is a new platform where people can compete against each other in popular PC games. Powered by BRK, the platform will take advantage of community participation, as opposed to other tokens that are only useful for trading on exchanges, according to Breakout Gaming.

In addition to the BRK integration, BreakoutPvP will have a rewards program built in, giving “Breakout Rewards Points” to players that can be redeemed for games, tournament entries, special events and merchandise. The company says that these points can also be exchanged for BRK.

This PVP platform is part of an ongoing Breakout campaign that includes launching several gaming platforms, such as eSports, poker games, a casino, and an online retail store for games.

In addition to the products being made available by Breakout, users can earn money by participating in the company’s affiliate program that rewards current users with BRK for getting new people signed up on Breakout platforms.

About Breakout Gaming

Breakout Gaming is creating a new gaming platform that will provide members with a full selection of the most advanced gaming products online. In addition to serving the current, established online gaming market, which was estimated to have generated over US$40B in revenues in 2014, Breakout Gaming is entering into the two newest and fastest growing online gaming markets; Fantasy Pro Sports and Fantasy eSports. The Breakout gaming projects are currently being funded by Breakout Services, the company responsible for the recent launch of the Breakout Multicurrency blockchain marked by the crowdsales of BRK and BRX.

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