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Chinese E-commerce Platform aims to be the “Bitcoin Ebay”


Chinese E-commerce Platform aims to be the “Bitcoin Ebay”


CoinCola is the First Chinese Global Cryptocurrency E-commerce Platform. The company seeks to use the same eBay Business model in the Bitcoin Industry.

CoinCola is a Chinese B2C & C2C E-Commerce Platform trading in crypto currencies, which is based on multisig technology. CoinCola is owned by Hong Kong BIT network technology co., limited. Coincola Business model is based in five sections: display of online stores, foreign trade, trading in multisig, online wallets and arbitration support.
As the first global crypto currency e-commerce platform, CoinCola aims to bring crypto currency into every daily life and make global trading easier.
Compared to the traditional e-commerce platform, CoinCola has introduced various advantages; the Company offers free access for costumer be able to sell products and open shops. Everyone can sell their products without opening an online shop. International costumers also can rapidly pay and receive their items simply by paying in Bitcoin and without having to deal with middle agencies and extra costs.

CoinCola has also introduced bullet-proof security by implementing multisig technology to ensure transactions, along innovative features and options complemented with a professional Helpdesk Support to ensure the quality of their services and provide immediate response to costumer’s issues.
With this business model and their extra features CoinCola pretends to be recognized as a top International E-Commerce Company.

What is Multisig transaction mechanism?

You would need at least two out of a total of three keys owned by buyers, platform and sellers to trigger the transaction. It guarantees the benefits of buyers and curbs criminal activities on the Internet. The transaction cannot be done with only one private key. It also proves that the transaction of the encrypted currency is reversible.
In cryptocurrency trade process with multisig of Buyers, sellers and platform each have a private key and their corresponding public keys. Based on a 2-of-3 multisig escrow, is a safer and easier to use e-commerce platform that can safeguard customers’ property. It is important to note that both buyers’ and seller’s private keys is encrypted by users’ own password in browsers. It means can never get users’ own private keys. will create a multisig payment site according to buyers or sellers in transaction and platform’s public key. ( The site is possessed by three parties) CoinCola_1_article_Bitcoinist

So far, CoinCola as already enlisted dozens of shops, where you can buy different kinds of items, such as books, luxuries and creative things. CoinCola is still in its infancy but the company expects to have three times more shops operating through the platform in about a year.

About CoinCola

CoinCola is a Hong Kong BIT network technology subsidiary, and was created with the sole purpose of working with Crypto Currencies and the development of a new and innovative business model. CoinCola_2_article_Bitcoinist
CoinCola aims to push crypto currency into everybody’s life and facilitate the process of trading, tuning it into a simple task. The Company believes it has created a trustworthy eCommerce Platform in order to make life easier. What’s more, CoiCola also would like to support the real economy and promote the circulation of Bitcoin.

CoinCola Team is composed of a winner of ACM-ICPC science fiction writer、math’s geniuses, senior hackers. The Company developed a large-scale written system complex machine algorithm, and even created some kind of products which are used by millions of people.
The company believes that crypto currency will change the world and play a fundamental role in the history of mankind and the development of civilization. CoinCola continually seeks like-minded people who share the company’s values, and hopes to make a better world.

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