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COINONAT Makes Big Step Forward: Six Exchanges to List ASIC-Resistant Crypto Coin

Norbert | Jun 06, 2017 | 08:42

Press releases

COINONAT Makes Big Step Forward: Six Exchanges to List ASIC-Resistant Crypto Coin

Norbert | Jun 06, 2017 | 08:42

6 th June 2017 – Coinonat, deemed as one of the leading ASIC-resistant Altcoins in the Crypto Currency community, will be registered in six more prominent crypto currency exchanges soon. These are Livecoin,, C-Cex, Mercatox, Cryptodoa, and Open Ledger. 

[Note: This is a press release]

This Altcoin was already listed by three major exchanges namely, Coin Exchange, Yobit, and Cryptopia.

Said achievement was made possible by investors in Coinonat as they continue to work silently but diligently in adding more value to Coinonat. This makes the Altcoin appealing both to currency exchanges and consumers. ASIC-resistance results in wider and more efficient distribution of the crypto currency due to decentralized mining.

The Altcoin was developed based on a custom code base with remarkable QT5 capabilities for widget Modules; Multi-Media Content; QT-Quick; and, advanced graphic structure. QT5 is the most recent version of QT which allows developers to build apps using intuitive interfaces.

These are for various targets and faster than in the past.

The NIST5 Algorithm also highlights low-temperature hashing together with CPU and GPU-mining that favors home-based miners rather than ASIC farms. The Coinonat wallet is modular with many sections. Features may be added without having to modify the Code Base.

Coinonat has amazing features. It ensures absolute confidentiality or privacy of transactions compared to the traditional banking system. At the same time, transactions are practically anonymous because users only know addresses of sender and receiver unlike centralized platforms.

Users of this crypto coin are guaranteed complete security. There are multiple servers in the network reducing risks of cyber attacks, malware and other online threats. Any legitimate transaction may be performed at any place; anytime; with any individual; and for all purposes. The payment is almost instantaneous. Senders only need to wait for network confirmation following the transaction or remittance.

Coinonat treats all stakeholders within the crypto community equally when it comes to currency mining and transactions worldwide.

Just more than two months ago, Coinonat unravelled a so-called “Bounty Program” for promotional purposes. This was implemented using social media platforms as well as signature campaign. It utilized major social media sites that include posting and sharing in FaceBook, Twitter, and Avatar; and, posting of blogs.

It introduced a pre-mine activity through crowd sale in April to raise money for supporting Coinonat in Node and Hosting; website maintenance; and, information campaign through the Bounty Program.

Coinonat was able to release its Windows and Linux Wallet recently.

About Coinonat

Creating Coinonat is meant to create equal opportunity among all members of the Crypto Currency community particularly the Bitcoin and Altcoins. It benefits small-scale miners with very limited resources instead of the bigger players. Hence, there will be no monopoly of big investors controlling the industry. Observers say it will take at least three to four years before there will be another innovation to break this resistance.

For those who are interested in this crypto coin, check out its BITCOINTALK Official Announcement page here and website at for more information about the features and specifications.

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