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DECENT ICO Raises $2.5M in First Two Days


Bitcoinist | Sep 13, 2016 | 17:50

DECENT Altcoin News

DECENT ICO Raises $2.5M in First Two Days


Bitcoinist | Sep 13, 2016 | 17:50


DECENT, a blockchain-based content distribution platform, started its ICO on CCEDK with a bang, raising more than $2.5 million USD in bitcoin in just two days.

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The Switzerland-based project announced the start of its ICO two days ago on Sunday, September 11. Hosted by the Danish CCEDK cryptocurrency exchange, the ICO has raised over 4138 BTC so far. At press time, current funding amounts to approximately $2.53 million USD.

Project developers told press that the platform allows content creators and businesses to build blockchain-based applications “to suit their requirements.” DECENT-built apps can be used for blogs, music, literature, software and gaming, according to the team.  

The ICO is set to last for 8 weeks, with the goal of continuing the early success it has seen so far this week. The DECENT team provided press with the following “ICO Flow” that details the crowdsale’s operations over the next 8 weeks:


ICO Timeline                                                   Offerings

Day 1                                                              5000 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH + 50% bonus (up to first 10 million DCT sales)

Week 1                                                              5000 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH + 10% bonus

Week 2                                                             4500 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH

Week 3                                                             4000 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH

Week 4                                                             3500 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH

Week 5                                                             3400 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH

Week 6                                                             3300 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH

Week 7                                                          3200 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH

Week 8                                                             3000 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH

CCEDK has provided the platform with a custom ICO after coming to an agreement with the project’s leaders. “CCEDK would normally offer the option to buy in early and trade immediately on OpenLedger,” the exchange said. “Instead, we are providing [DECENT] with a tailor-made solution comprised of a combination of our services.”

In addition to the ICO, the DECENT developers have started a partnership with MinerGate, a cryptocurrency mining pool. Through this partnership, DECENT has access to a mining pool with over 340,000 customers. Developers hope these customers “ensure rapid development” of the token’s mining network.

“DECENT will be a remarkable addition to our pool,” MinerGate CEO Claude Lecomte told press. “We believe in the philosophy of sharing and promoting digital content via blockchain technology and would love to share it with our clients.”

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