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Time to Invest in Decoin: A Regulated Revenue-Sharing Exchange and Trading Platform


Georgi Georgiev | Sep 13, 2018 | 07:30

Decoin Sponsored Article

Time to Invest in Decoin: A Regulated Revenue-Sharing Exchange and Trading Platform


Georgi Georgiev | Sep 13, 2018 | 07:30


Decoin is a next-generation peer-to-peer digital ecosystem driven by a transparent, business-friendly and comprehensive approach to providing frictionless trading experience. The platform has a unique business model, redistributing its revenues with its users, making it an attractive solution for those who are searching for seamless trading and passive income opportunities.

Empowering Traders Globally

Decoin is developing a regulated trading and exchange platform which is secure, scalable, quick, and multi-functional. Dubbed D-TEP, the trade and exchange platform will also provide the necessary financial tools, hence allowing traders to take maximum advantage of price movements. Furthermore, the platform will also deliver its very own cryptocurrency index comprised of selected companies chosen by the Decoin research team.

The exchange is currently under development and a Beta version is scheduled to be ready in Q4 in 2018. The platform is set to launch commercially in Q1 of 2019.

Understanding the need for clarity and regulation, Decoin is building a fully compliant solution. The team is applying for a Recognized Market Operator (RMO) license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and initiated a compliance procedure.

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Giving Back to the Community

Among the many unique features of Decoin is the unparalleled revenue redistribution model. With the sharing economy being a core concept of the team, the platform will be giving back revenue to its coin holders.

Decoin will redistribute up to 20% of its trading fees, based on the average daily volume generated on the platform, directly to its coin holders. As such, the more coins a user holds, the more profits he will be subjected to every day.

Furthermore, the project is based on an independent pure Proof-of-Stake (POS) algorithm, which rewards Decoin holders with a 6.2% rate of growth per annum for staking the coins in the Decoin wallet. Additionally, All holders of DECOIN will also see 40 percent discount on fees for using the platform.

On top of it all, the team will also launch the D-TEP crypto index dubbed DCI, comprising of all companies who trade their tokens on the platform. Hence, companies who take part can enjoy increased valuations and revenues as the DCI grows in popularity.

The model is unique in its value proposition as it creates true equality and interest to all members of the entire Decoin community.

On The Road to Get in Touch

Comprised of experienced and dedicated fintech professionals, Decoin goes above and beyond to connect with its community. Having organized numerous private investor dinners, the team is traveling the world in an attempt to get in touch with existing and prospecting investors.

Decoin has already been to Seoul, Dubai, New York, Paris, Singapore, Berlin, and is only just getting started. The roadshow is filled with events throughout the entire world, which is already resulting in a measurable user growth as seen on the graph below.

Join Decoin community – visit the official website

Flexibility and Convenience

Needless to say, all cryptocurrency holders are facing a big challenge – how to take advantage of their digital holdings for everyday spending. Decoin has come up with an elegant solution that will provide better access to its holders: the Decoin credit card will not only allow users to convert and spend their cryptocurrencies investments, but they will also provide them with rebates and discounts at selected venues.

What is more, users are given an option to choose between five different credit card types, each one providing them with different conditions to satisfy individual preferences. 

The project has already crossed $5,200,000 in funding and. Decoin is currently in its pre-ICO stage, providing users with 25% bonus until September 15.

After that, you will be able to purchase DECOIN at a discount of 20%until September 30.

You can learn more about the project on their official website or join the live discussion on the Telegram group.

What do you think of Decoin’s upcoming trade and exchange platform? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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