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Essentia.One Whitelist & Members Area Guide


Bitcoinist | Mar 20, 2018 | 13:00

Essentia to Develop First Blockchain Based Solution Approved by Finnish Government with MTK Press releases

Essentia.One Whitelist & Members Area Guide


Bitcoinist | Mar 20, 2018 | 13:00


It’s time to begin! The Essentia whitelist is now open. You are invited to join us on a fantastic journey to a new, decentralized world. A world of ownership, privacy, and security.

To make your life as simple as possible we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on joining our whitelist.

What’s in it for me?

Only those who have joined the Essentia Whitelist can participate in the pre-ICO, ICO, and future airdrops.

If you’re not on the list you don’t get in. So join thousands of others who have already signed up and get yourself whitelisted now!

Whitelist Registration Guide

Let’s get right to the point.

  1. On our website, when you click on the “Join whitelist” button, you will be required to enter your email address. If you’re already registered just click login to head right to the Member Area.
  2. The next step is to verify your address by logging in to your email and clicking the verification link.

The email will provide a password which you can use to login to the Member Area.

So what’s behind the curtain?

In the Member Area you will find:

– Your referral link.
– Tasks to do.
– ICO countdowns.
– Your Ethereum address.

Members Area Guide

  1. Once you’re in you’ll need to get yourself verified. Step one is to join our Telegram channel.
    When you’ve joined, come back to the Members Area and press “Continue”.
  2. Just one more stage is required to completely verify your account. Find the “Join Whitelist” button and click on this.
    Make sure you have your Ethereum address handy for this step.
    Input your Ethereum address and the amount of ETH you wish to contribute. 0.1 ETH is the minimum figure allowable.
    Please take note: The address can be changed up until a week before the ICO begins. After this it becomes fixed and can no longer be altered.
  3. In the Members Area take a look at the tasks below the countdown.
    Each task you complete brings you another 10 minutes closer to the start of the ICO.
    There are two countdowns.
    The smaller countdown is the one which the whole world must abide by. The bigger one is your personal countdown which you can reduce. The countdown you can keep shaving 10 minutes from by completing various tasks.
  4. There is a special task at the top marked with a star. Three subtasks must be finished in order to complete this special task.

Once you have completed all three tasks you will ensure that during the Airdrop you will receive 25 free ESS tokens. How great is that? We think it’s awesome.

Why not invite your friends to join us?

Hop aboard the revolution!

For additional information and further details, find our website and join the Essentia Telegram.

Images courtesy of Essentia.One

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