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Bitcoin Businesses

Exclusive Q&A: Bitcoin Space Art

Bitcoin Businesses

Exclusive Q&A: Bitcoin Space Art


A company that makes one of a kind paintings with the theme “To the Moon”? Count me in! If your interested too, then meet Bitcoin Space Art. Like a small number of other companies, they hold ALL of their earnings in Bitcoin, which I applaud.

Regarding there product, here’s what they have to say taken from their website.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind homage to the world’s foremost cryptocurrency, created on 16″ x 18″ posterboard. While no two Bitcoin SpaceArt pieces are identical, you can see a mock-up of the design on our home page.

The Bitcoin SpaceArt piece can be yours for $25 USD, paid for exclusively in Bitcoin using Coinbase’s wallet system. While we currently can only serve customers in the United States, our shipping is free with your order. Woohoo!

1. How did you guys get started?

We both learned about Bitcoin in early 2013 and immediately we were fascinated by it. Around that same time we experimented with Bitcoin online, ChancetimeArt came to form in experimental space art. By combining our art hobbies with our interests, BitcoinSpaceArt is a way to reimagine ideas, but also spark conversations about Bitcoin.

2. How is Bitcoin Space Art currently?

We’re in our early launch stage. We’ve been creating paintings by order, but still figuring out what the general public wants. From modifying our website to changing prices, we’re looking to improve the experience and respond to customer demands.

3. Future Expansion Plans?

We’ve thrown around the idea of putting other cryptocurrencies in space. The neat thing about the art is it’s only sold using Bitcoin, and it spreads the word. We’d love to eventually roll out to other hobbyists like Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

4. How do you manage Bitcoin? Convert to fiat, or do you hold?

We keep all the Bitcoin we get because we believe in the technology. The biggest reason we started this business was to help better market bitchin and get ahold of some ourselves. We’ve set the rate to .04 btc, which really just helps us cover shipping and supply costs.

5. Do you pay employees and/or services in Bitcoin?

Yes, we’re keeping everything in Bitcoin.

6. Anything you would like to add?

Thanks for all the questions so far. We created this because we believe art sparks curiosity and can change the world. Hang these around your house and this becomes one more way to start the Bitcoin conversation.

JP ad I are going to give away our first batch for free. Email us at; tell us your name and why you love bitcoin and it’s yours.

There you have it folks! Great intentioned people, even giving away there first batch for free. I have asked for one myself, preferably in a bitcoinist theme not going to lie. There paintings are excellent! Below are some pictures, as well as the website if interested.


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