Reading: FidentiaX Develops World’s First Tradeable Insurance Marketplace

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FidentiaX Develops World’s First Tradeable Insurance Marketplace

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Oct 28, 2017 | 13:48

PR Buzz

FidentiaX Develops World’s First Tradeable Insurance Marketplace

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Oct 28, 2017 | 13:48

People will soon be able to buy and sell insurance policies using the blockchain-based platform, fidentiaX, which is creating the world’s first tradeable insurance marketplace.

[Note: This is a press release.]

Most people do not know that insurance policies with cash value are tradeable on the market for higher returns. In 2014 alone, $57 billion (250,000 policies) of the estimated $112 billion USD of policies lapsed and surrendered could have been resold on the market. The minority of policyholders who know about this find it difficult locating interested buyers due to the absence of a recognizable marketplace for safe and secured transactions. Buyers looking to add policies to their investment portfolio are confronted with similar hurdles.

Limited options, lack of awareness, and accessibility have created an inequitable situation for policyholders. Insurance companies prefer that policyholders surrender their policies (thus releasing them from their sum-assured obligation) rather than encourage trading of these policies. fidentiaX aims to disrupt this status quo and break the tethers of the insurance companies by empowering policyholders to monetize their policies.

Leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, fidentiaX will help policyholders and investors build a portfolio of tradable policies with stable returns, while developing a trustless platform for trading of these policies.

There are many advantages of buying an insurance policy on the open market, for instance: stable returns (superior to a similar asset class with the same risk ratings), fixed tenure, liquidity, and low correlation with other asset classes.

fidentiaX will be the world’s first marketplace for tradeable insurance policies, creating a marketplace and repository of insurance policies for the masses. fidentiaX’s Policy Ledger breaks from the traditional reliance on intermediaries by creating a digital ledger for policyholders enabling them to:

  • Consolidate and manage insurance policies on a distributed ledger.
  • Creating an immutable record of available policies on the blockchain.
  • Premium payment alert
  • Coverage summary
  • Multi-signatory access for beneficiaries and trustees on mortality event

fidentiaX strongly believes that tradable policies should form part of any investment portfolio. To this end, the company will conduct periodic (minimum once a year) private sales for members only. Policies from the model portfolio will be auctioned for a minimum number of fidentiaX (fdX) tokens, and the auction will be open for members to bid on the policy (a real-world asset). The successful bidder will take ownership of the policy and could either cash out the policy or add that policy to their investment portfolio.

In the coming years, Asia will be the fastest-growing market for life insurance, with an estimated real annual compounded growth rate of 10.2 percent. fidentiaX will be focusing on building its brand within Asia before executing its global expansion strategy. Key focus countries within Asia are Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The establishment of the fidentiaX Open Source Foundation (FOSF) will build a framework for the community, by the community to serve the community. The FOSF aims to create an equal opportunity community of contributors from both developers and industry contributors. Using funds from the foundation, collaborators will develop freely available enterprise-grade insurance blockchain solutions to benefit millions of users and insurers worldwide. The core focus of the foundation is to develop, proliferate, and promote an open-source blockchain architecture that is not owned by any traditional large insurance institution or blockchain development firms.

fidentiaX is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

Images courtesy of fidentiaX.

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