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GG World Lottery: Disrupting the Lottery Industry Through Blockchain and Innovation


Bitcoinist | Oct 17, 2018 | 08:00

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GG World Lottery: Disrupting the Lottery Industry Through Blockchain and Innovation


Bitcoinist | Oct 17, 2018 | 08:00

GG World Lottery is set to introduce an entirely online, transparent and government-regulated lotteries while integrating blockchain-based technologies for unparalleled security. A trustworthy and reliable reverse ICO model, lucrative affiliate system, and a comprehensive dividends scheme are just a few of the perks brought by what seems to be one of the most promising upcoming projects.

GG World Lottery’s Reverse ICO: What is it and Why is it Better?

Regular initial coin offerings that we are used to seeing on the market are generally put together by startup companies which fail to display serious market history. Some of their main characteristics include the lack of existing products or services.

Reverse ICOs, on the contrary, are organized by companies which are existing and are already established. They tend to have long-standing market history and are using the ICO fundraising model to expand their existing portfolio of services and products.

GG World Lottery is part of GG International – a company which has already assembled the technologies as well as an outstanding team of people with broad and unique range of skills needed to turn the GG World Lottery into a worldwide presence. The company is working with a range of powerful media associates for many years in the fields of television broadcasting as well as gaming in order to guarantee a contingent syndication commitments from both regional and national companies.

A Lucrative Deal

All token-holders are entitled to a lifetime revenue share based on each GG World Lottery Jackpot prize win. Every time someone wins the Jackpot, investors win together with him. These dividends are paid quarterly based on all of the GG World Lottery Jackpot wins.

As per rough, sample calculations, all investors would be able to return their invested amount in maximum two years and a half, earning guaranteed lifetime revenue share after that. Also, sample calculations reveal that the average investor earnings per week is roughly around $2,400.

The amount of the dividends paid are based on the overall sale of GGCOIN. In other words – the more tokens are sold, the higher the dividend will be. It can reach 1 percent if there are over 100 million tokens sold.

GG World

Unparalleled Affiliate System

GG World Lottery strives to provide its users with as many ways of increasing their profits as possible. Understanding that diversification is key, the project brings forward one of the most rewarding affiliate systems in the industry.

A total of 5 percent from the total token supply is going to be reserved for affiliate system payouts. What is more interesting, though, is that every affiliate is going to receive a total of 5 percent revenue share of the tokens which are purchased by their leads. This is going to build on the lifetime revenue share potential and help the investors get the return on their initial spending a lot quicker.

Registering as an affiliate is pretty easy as all the user has to do is open an account on the ICO website using the affiliate link.

You can read more about the project on its official website. Additionally, you can stay tuned on their Facebook or Twitter page to receive regular updates.

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