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GG World Lottery: Ridding the Lottery Field of Doubt and Uncertainty


Bitcoinist | Oct 14, 2018 | 11:00

GG World Sponsored Article

GG World Lottery: Ridding the Lottery Field of Doubt and Uncertainty


Bitcoinist | Oct 14, 2018 | 11:00


The global lottery industry represents a vast, international, multi-billion dollar market with unimaginable opportunities. Yet, its existing state is a far cry from what it can be. With years of experience in the field, GG World Lottery has successfully identified the most pressing issues of the current market’s condition and brings forward comprehensive, modern solutions to reinvigorate the lottery scene. 

Existing Issues

In 2017 alone, the global lottery industry generated upwards of $273 billion in ticket sales. Yet, this otherwise vast market finds itself thorn by critical issues. While lotteries continue to grow in emerging markets, mature solutions struggle to adopt new technology, to employ effective and up-to-date marketing strategies and to attract new sales streams altogether.

It’s also worth pointing out that legacy lotteries, in their current state, are on the verge of a rather disturbing demographic trend – millennials and younger generations are increasingly relying on their mobile devices for information and further engagement. On top of that, staying relevant in a particularly competitive market such as this one becomes more challenging as new social games, as well as real money games, flood the channels.

On the more technical side, there is an obvious distrust on behalf of many users, when it comes to the actual randomness of generating the winning numbers. A lot of platforms are using pseudo-random number generators and questionable auditing authorities, causing players to doubt their intentions.

GG World

Enter GG World Lottery

GG World Lottery intends to put a damper on all of the above through a comprehensive, multi-layered approach combining the integration of blockchain-based technology and unparalleled marketing strategy which is already in motion.

The project will utilize blockchain technology which is going to guarantee fair draws and transparency of the entire process. Additionally, it’s the first endeavor of the kind to implement True Random Number Generator (TRNG). Instead of using pseudo-random number generators as other lotteries have done in the past, GG World Lottery will guarantee that numbers are drawn entirely randomly, based on the quantum physics principle for natural randomness of the world.

The entire system will be closely monitored and certified by the world-class gaming certification business – Gaming Laboratories International. This will provide an additional layer of transparency and trustworthiness.

Rapid Market Expansion

Another important differentiating factor that sets GG World Lotto apart is its strategic and encompassing marketing approach. The project will open numerous national lotteries and will be backed by the local governments. If there is an existing national lottery, GG International will become channel partner. Starting from emerging markets such as Africa, Asia, and South America, the team will quickly and steadily establish its global influence.

The lotteries will be entirely government-regulated and transparent. As of September 2018, GG International has managed to secure 17 licenses from 12 countries and has signed multiple NDAs with national regulatory bodies.

Apart from that, the excitement and hype will culminate in the so-called GG World Show. This will be the very first global TV show which will feature participants from the entire world. Goodson Gaming, a company which has created 27 lottery shows already, is in partnership with GG International to make this happen.

Part of the team’s mission is to give back to the community, hence they’ve devised a dedicated Charities and good causes initiative which will enable entrants to promote certain charities of their choosing and to support them through lottery ticket revenue.

Mind for Participants

In order to capture the ever-increasing market of mobile users, GG World lottery is designed to be entirely mobile friendly. Understanding that mobile devices have the capacity to replace outdated lottery hardware such as monitors, ticket dispensers, scanners, tickets, terminals, and so forth, the project is taking a modern approach not only to stay relevant but to capture a wider audience of potential users.

Additionally, every single token holder will receive quarterly-paid dividends based on the overall number of tokens they own. These holders will be able to receive a lifetime revenue share which is based on every jackpot prize winner.

The ICO of GG World Lottery is scheduled to start on November 2nd and will run until January 31st. For more information on the project, you can take a look at the official website. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask away in the project’s Telegram channel.

What do you think of the way GG World Lottery is solving the existing issues of the industry? Let us know in the comments below!

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