Reading: Gyft Announces Coin Month, 5% On All Gift Cards With Bitcoin!


Gyft Announces Coin Month, 5% On All Gift Cards With Bitcoin!


Gyft Announces Coin Month, 5% On All Gift Cards With Bitcoin!

Looking to stock up on some gift cards? Have a stash of Bitcoins just burning a hole in your proverbial wallet? Now is one of the best times to purchase gift cards through Gyft, the popular company known for selling gift cards of all brands and accepting Bitcoin for it.

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gyft for Holiday Shopping

gyft for Holiday Shopping

What Gyft is dubbing as “Coin Month”, Gyft will be upping the amount they discount for Bitcoin purchases from the typical 3% in the form of reward points to a limited-time offer of 5%. Credit cards and other traditional payment methods like PayPal will only give back 2% in rewards.

“During summer’s last month, earn 5 percent in Gyft Points with every gift card purchase using Bitcoin”

With the option to buy gift cards for over 200 retailers that range from “must-haves” like Amazon, Ebay, and Itunes, to other popular brands like Foot Locker, CVS/pharmacy, Nike, and much more.

Cards can be purchased on both their website, as well as their mobile app. The mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and the Google Play store for Android, supports Bitcoin payments as well and allows for immediate use upon payment confirmation. Besides the discount Gyft offers, the app provides better security than obtaining digital cards since the app can store the gift card credentials while storing a secure backup in the cloud.

“Using Bitcoin has never been safer or easier,” said Vinny Lingham, Gyft’s co-founder and CEO. “With the growing awareness and acceptance of Bitcoin by our users, we wanted to demonstrate our support. Moreover, during August, everyone can now earn more Gyft Points than ever before.”

“Gyft” Card Trends and Bitcoin

With over $100 Billion spent on gift cards annually and that number projected to grow by 6-7% through 2016, the gift card market is a big fish in the pond. On top of this, online gift cards sales are growing by 29% per annum, signaling a strong positive trend towards sites like Gyft. With more exposure coming both Bitcoin and Gyfts way, having special offers like Coin Month will only further entice consumers to using Bitcoin.

Will you be buying some gift cards during Coin Month? Will you be saving them as a present for Christmas or just to save a little bit of Money? Let us know in the comments below!


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