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Press releases

Hcash ICO Public Offering Launches


Bitcoinist | Jul 05, 2017 | 09:00

Hcash Press releases

Hcash ICO Public Offering Launches


Bitcoinist | Jul 05, 2017 | 09:00


Hcash ICO reaches 68% of the crowd sale raise within a week. 

Blockchain has grown tremendously in a short few years with a global market value of more than US$110 billion. About 90% of the global market value are spread among 40 kinds of blockchain out the hundreds kinds that can be found in the market. The increasing amount of participation and development in public, private and alliance chains have created this wide variety of blockchain assets.

Overcoming limits and improving the flow of information is an inevitable trend of the industry. Hcash is born to overcome the current limits of existing blockchains through its ability to link both block-based and blockless-based blockchain systems, enabling value and information to be communicated between different blockchains.

By bridging the limits between different blockchains, securing information through encryption, Hcash brings forth greater room for growth and opportunity for industries, businesses and societies.

ICO Investment Method

Hcash ICO public offering investment can be made via Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), WIN token (WIN) and Metaverse Entropy (ETP) at Hcash website and all other participating platforms listed below. More participating platforms will be available soon during the ICO period. Hcash ICO will last for 30 days.

ICO Share Information Summary

Token Name: Hshare (HSR)

Main ICO Website:

Target Amount: BTC 37,800

Total Token Amount: 84,000,000 HSR

Distribution Plan: PoW output – 21,000,000 HSR (25%)

PoS output – 21,000,000 HSR (25%)

ICO and free offering – 21,000,000 HSR (25%)

Early investor (Pre-ICO) – 12,600,000 HSR (15%)

Developers and Hcash Foundation – 4,200,000 HSR (5%)

Hcash-DAO – 4,200,000 HSR (5%)

For more information on Hcash please visit

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