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Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto is Finally Released


Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto is Finally Released


“Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto,” a graphic novel, has been launched this Thursday in Madrid. Written by Alex Preukschat and Josep Busquet and illustrated by José Ángel García Ares, The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto tries to present and join together the action, facts, and fictions of the whole story behind the disruptive Bitcoin technology, its anarchic cypherpunk culture and its mysterious roots.

The mystery of Bitcoin’s creator provides the perfect plot for the fantastic comic book adventure, “Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto.” This comic book takes the reader on an adventure through an underground filled with criminals, hackers and secret services. Comixology_bookreleased_article_2_Bitcoinis

 Fundraising for  The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto and the Community made it possible

The team tried to gather support through a Fundraising campaign and the Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto crowd sale reached people in more than 30 countries around the world and has collected an estimated value of $20,000 USD. Besides being already available for purchase online, “The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto” is now being sold in bookshops across Spain before the Christmas season in an effort to reach people in every corner of the offline world. Thanks to a huge groundswell of support from the Bitcoin community, the crowd sale of the graphic novel raised 64 BTC, about $20 000 via Swarm Platform, which enabled the English edition to be shipped to nearly 30 countries around the world before Christmas!

The Release of “Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto”

Dibbuks and, the publishers of “Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto” supported the first graphic novel in the world about Bitcoin.
Dibbuks is publishing the novel and is the first publisher in the world to accept bitcoins in their online store for their full collection of comics and graphic novels, the largest online platform for digital comics, is making the Bitcoin graphic novel available in English and Spanish for digital readers (Kindle, iPad, etc).

About the authors

Alex Preukschat

Alex is the co-editor of and a crypto-currency analyst. For several years Alex has strived to promote education and awareness about what money is, how it is created, and how it works, in order to benefit as many people as possible. He believes that Bitcoin is one of the most powerful tools ever created in the history of money, and a crucial development in the future of money.

Josep BusquetComixology_bookreleased_article_3_Bitcoinis

Josep always knew his future would involve narrating comic strips. He studied for 5 years at Joso´s Comic Academy and his creations have been translated into French, English and Italian.

Jose Angel Ares

José has created illustrations for the books: Solomon Kane (2011), Apalpador vs Papá Noel (2012) and Rosa y Javier (2013), which was his first graphic novel.

The Story

The plot goes around two main characters: Alice and Bob. Bob is being chased by a mob group who think he’s Satoshi Nakamoto and who are trying to kill him to grab his stash of Bitcoins rumoured to be worth about $1bn, but Bob is saved by Tak; a cypherpunk hacker who knows the score and is watching out for him. Bob says he’s totally innocent and doesn’t even know what Bitcoin is, so Tak has to explain it to him and to get the story even more interesting, agents contracted by the NSA are monitoring the situation, and they have their own plans for “Satoshi”.
Its 112 pages are filled with powerful illustrations that contain many references to the cryptographic roots of Bitcoin in order to give the audience an insight into the new online digital currency and some of its more curious characteristics. Through a broad cast of characters the book shows a few differing perspectives of this new and pioneering technology while exploring the essential principles which Satoshi Nakamoto developed in the protocol.
In addition to the adventures of the characters, the book includes an appendix with the names and descriptions of some of the most important figures in the international Bitcoin community, including those who helped raise funds to help realize the vision.

The Book makes a perfect Christmas present for your friends, family and fellow bitcoiners!
The Spanish and English editions of “Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto” will be available in both paper and digital format via The comic will also be published in Polish. The Bitcoin comic is also available on a digital version in the biggest online comic platform,, in Spanish and English

What do you think about this graphic novel?

Photo source: Provided by Alex Preukschat

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