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iDice, World’s First Ethereum Dice Mobile Betting App


Bitcoinist | Jun 07, 2017 | 12:00

BitDice: Not Gambling On Fairness Press releases

iDice, World’s First Ethereum Dice Mobile Betting App


Bitcoinist | Jun 07, 2017 | 12:00


Since its beta release on April, iDice has become one of the fastest growing decentralized gambling platforms, generating nearly $200,000 USD in player profits.

iDice Mobile

iDice is the world’s first mobile gambling app powered by the Ethereum Network. Dicing Dapps are extremely popular and there is no lack of them on the market. Ever since the sale of SatoshiDICE for a record smashing 126,315 BTC ($315,787,500 USD in today’s prices), Dice betting has played a major role in blockchain history. iDice seeks to avoid competition by targeting mobile users instead. iDice founder and CEO Jordan Wong, believes that going mobile is the future and the key to success for iDice.

“I think the gambling Dapp market is neglecting a huge market of mobile phone users. There isn’t a good cross-platform app that exists. It’s a huge opportunity for iDice to dominate and display its superior platform. Without mobile app, iDice can stay with our users no matter where they go. Our platform is flexible that way.”

The iDice mobile app is set to release later this year after its ICO on June 16th, 2017.

Ethereum Domination

Just over a year ago, Ethereum was only a fraction of Bitcoin’s market cap. Today, its market cap surpasses over half of that of Bitcoin’s at $24 billion (Ethereum) to $46 billion USD (Bitcoin). Industry experts estimate that Ethereum will overtake bitcoin in the next 3 years. Ethereum’s sudden rise is a testament to its unique Smart Contract technology: the code that make iDice possible.

Smart contracts allow iDice to process bets through an Oracle without any server architecture making it transparent and completely trustworthy. iDice betting contracts are fully  3rd party audited and open source. iDice does not require users to make any accounts or deposit funds. Users are able to play iDice from the safety of their wallets without having to worry about hacking related risks.

The Next SatoshiDICE

Up to 2013, SatoshiDICE was responsible for nearly all bitcoin transactions. Its clear that blockchain Dice gambling is an extremely lucrative business.

“Our goal with the iDice mobile app is to completely dominate the mobile gambling app sector. Its going to takes several months before our competitors can release a mobile app that can compete with ours. We will be able to completely monopolize this sector just like what SatoshiDICE did.”

The iDice mobile app is currently undergoing testing and development with the team working around the clock to deliver more features to its users. It is set to release Q4 of this year.

iDice Crowdsale

The sudden success of iDice Beta has prompted the development team to launch the iDice crowdsale. Their iDice crowdsale announcement on the bitcointalk forum has generated a lot of excitement. Jordan is looking to capitalize on their beta platform’s success. iDice tokens holders will be able to claim a share of the total profits that iDice makes. The team will use the funds to further development of the iDice platform and run promotional and marketing efforts.

“iDice beta doing so well is a good thing, but it puts the team under a lot of pressure. We have to move fast before everyone forgets about us. I think an ICO will be good publicity for our upcoming app and will give investors an opportunity to join the iDice team.”

The iDice crowdsale is scheduled for June 16, 2017 at UTC/GMT 0:00. The first hour (power hour) will have a heavily discounted sale of iDice tokens. You can find more info here:

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