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Industry Report: Apple Eases Up On Crypto


Nick Marinoff | Sep 17, 2016 | 12:06

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Industry Report: Apple Eases Up On Crypto


Nick Marinoff | Sep 17, 2016 | 12:06


KPMG launches its blockchain services, a donor graces the African Water Project with bitcoin, and Apple loosens up. Want to catch up on your latest tech and digital currency news? Read the stories below.

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An anonymous bitcoin donor has granted 38 coins (valuing nearly $23,000 USD) to the Water Project in Africa. Clean water and sanitation will now be provided for an entire school.

The Water Project consists of a team that builds wells, dams and spring connections in countries ranging from Kenya to Sierra Leone. The most recent initiative involved giving clean water to the Shisango Girls’ Secondary School and a nearby community exceeding 500 residents.

On Reddit, the Water Project thanked the donor by stating:

“We don’t know who you are, but we’re grateful. And so, just in case you hang out here, we want to say thanks! Today you gave enough BTC – totally anonymously – to provide clean, safe water and sanitation facilities to an entire school AND for the monitoring and repair funds to keep it working for years to come.”


Apple and crypto are sharing the spotlight again, only this time, the tech company’s grudge towards digital currencies seems to be lightening up. Last week, the company shocked enthusiasts when it removed ShapeShift from its app store. Now, Apple is now making a lot of enthusiasts happy, having approved Steem, Lisk, and Digicash.


Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio explained:

“On Monday, we learned that Apple permits apps using nine specific digital currencies, critical information to the crypto community. At Jaxx, we’ve been committed to supporting a global blockchain ecosystem. Every day, our developers work to build a consistent infrastructure across blockchains and across platforms. To that end, the insight we have gleaned from Apple thus far has been invaluable, and we hope to learn more about Apple’s policies and procedures for blockchain in the near future.”


Professional services firm KPMG has teamed up with Microsoft and unveiled an array of digital ledger services designed to help financial firms “realize the potential significance of blockchain.” Among the services offered include full lifecycle support, faster transactions, and reduced costs. The company will also offer risk-consulting and cloud transformation expertise.

IT advisor for the company Yvon Audette explains:

“Through this collaboration, we are combining KPMG’s proficiency in business transformation and wide-ranging services with Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud technologies and business solutions.”

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Image courtesy of TechCrunch.

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