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Interview with the founder of Satoshi’s place


Bitcoinist | Nov 27, 2014 | 16:08

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Interview with the founder of Satoshi’s place


Bitcoinist | Nov 27, 2014 | 16:08


What is Satoshi’s Place and how is it different then other pixel ad projects?

Well, first of all, as you might have noticed, different spaces have a different value on this page. Cheaper ad spaces will be claimed rapidly making the site (and the ads) grow in value with every new advertiser. This hasn’t yet been done as far as I know with a pixel ad site of similar. Secondly, it doesnt use a content management system, thus is far more secure being coded almost entirely in HTML. Also, it looks neat *Evil Grin*.

What sparked the idea of Satoshi’s place?

I had the idea for a long time but only recently decided to put it into action. Like the idea’s originator I’m 21 years old and need this money to fund my education and my future in general. Besides, I think that Bitcoin, as a platform, is experiencing its ‘Wild West’ phase like the Internet did as a whole 10 – 20 years ago so it might become a little part of Bitcoin’s history itself.

What can we expect from Satoshi’s place in the future?

Auctions, maybe a forum or any other bitcoin-related cause. Something’s coming up for sure but what it will be – time will tell.

How is the site promotion going so far? Please tell us your advertisers and partners who choose you already.

The results of my promotion efforts are explosive, I’m getting a lot of emails daily and it is surely growing. Anyone can get involved using Twitter, Facebook and SoBIT (a new Bitcoin social platform) and many do. I’m really surprised with the attention my site has been getting since day one.

Please tell us about the price structures!

Well, the idea is very basic – it essentially employs a simple but effective marketing method – it encourages you to be an early investor. If you get early in the game, you get more exposure, a better space and pay less. I ensure that at least 20% will get reinvested into more promotion and this will really pay off for everyone.

Do you offer other services as well?

None at the moment, but if this little project of mine takes off, I will make sure to start at least a few more projects related to Bitcoin. Again, time will surely tell.

How do you feel Satoshi’s place will impact the cryptocurrency world?

It highlights the current impact Bitcoin already has on society – ease of payment and transfer of funds in general. It shows the power of Bitcoin and the flexibility it provides by setting this example in marketing.

How is Satoshi’s place in its current stages?

Explosive. I gets way more attention than I expected so I’m commited full time to this project at the moment.

What can we know about Satoshi’s place team and founder?

There’s no team. Only myself. I’m a 21-year old fellow from Europe thinking of starting to study soon since lack of funds prevented me from doing so before. I’m a futurist, transhumanist and a long-term thinker in general. I might answer more questions in the comments, given the chance.

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