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Press releases

LockTrip: The End Of


Bitcoinist | Apr 29, 2018 | 04:00

LockTrip: The End Of Press releases

LockTrip: The End Of


Bitcoinist | Apr 29, 2018 | 04:00


The revolution every traveler has been waiting for is well underway with the announcement of LockChain’s rebrand to LockTrip. With the community expressing concern over the brand’s ability to resonate with the appropriate target audience, the team engaged in extensive consultations to land on LockTrip.

With this rebrand not only have the team shown their willingness to engage with the community but also through the process their professionalism.

Hey There LockTrip

LockTrip is the future of travel. Built on the blockchain, it is a decentralized open source booking system.

With an integrated marketplace that enables hoteliers and property owners to rent, manage bookings and collect payments this ecosystem is set to change the game!

Sounds familiar? Well, it is, because its pretty much the of the blockchain world. But with one huge difference for users: 0% commissions to middlemen.

When marketplaces like and Uber emerged they revolutionized the service industry. By creating a centralized platform for providers to sell their services they transformed their respective fields.

However, there is a huge drawback with these platforms: their high transaction fees. When you order a room on a substantial percentage of that goes to – that’s how they make their money.

But with blockchain, these transaction fees can be cut to almost nominal amounts!

What that means is hoteliers and property owners can sell their rooms on the platform for 20% lower prices without affecting their profits. Meaning cheaper rooms for you and bad news for

Ask NEO Why Rebranding is a Huge Deal

When Antshares was hovering around the $7 mark the team rebranded. After that rebrand, the coin skyrocketed to over $50 a token. That coin is NEO. Although since its all-time high of $160, it took a hit during the crypto bloodbath that was the first quarter of 2018, its currently $71. Evidence enough that when done right rebranding can be the catalyst for a great project to realize its potential.

Like NEO, LockTrip with this rebrand is set for a rapid price ascent. Because above everything else this project makes so much sense. 

Now is the Time to Invest in LockTrip

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have been one of the early backers of or Uber? Hindsight is 20-20 and if I had known I would have put every single penny into it. I am guessing you would have too!

But why lament those missed opportunities when you can still grab them? What if you can buy into at those early rates?

Well, you can and you should! Because that is what LockTrip gives you!

With this rebrand, the project is set to hit new heights. It already has a live product—with 100,000 hotels signed up—and in less than a month (25th of May) its fully functional Android and iOS app will be launched.

For more on the project visit and join their Telegram group.

Images courtesy of LockTrip

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