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ASIC miners

Mine 4 Life: ASIC Mining for Charity!

ASIC miners

Mine 4 Life: ASIC Mining for Charity!


Mine 4 Life is a charity event, with a cryptocurrency twist. All proceeds will be sent to Saint Judes, a hospital where they offer their services at no charge. Truly a charitable cause.

1. What sparked the idea of Mine 4 Life?

This was the brain child of seeing charities of a great cause in need of financial backing, and a way to help with the use of crypto currencies. I didn’t see anything near this idea out there yet and felt it was time to do something positive.

2. Why did you turn to mining for a fundraiser event?

“Mining” for Crypo-currencies was the choice due to the fact that it’s still a growing thing. We have the possibility here, with BTC, LTC, PPC, etc…, to really make a statement to the unknowing population that these currencies are legit and can be used for good.

3. What charitable cause was chosen, and why?

This “Round” we chose St. Judes Children’s Hospital due to the fact that they offer their services to their patient’s at no cost. This is a huge undertaking considering that the medical industry has some of the highest expenses to their patients in any market. Mine 4 Life felt that this was a great cause that St Jude’s was taking on, and felt that they needed help.

4. History of Development?

With a human instinct to help other’s, I can only say that the development of this project has been a life long development.

5. How can one contribute?

There are a few ways: -Donate to the Charity (St Judes) if you cannot mine, or just want to make a direct donation. -Sponsor a mining plan, we’ve partnered with ARAWRMC.COM to have a Sponsor package. More details on ARAWRMC.COM -Send some of your hashing power to our Stratum Proxies. We have Sha-256 and Scypt Algo Stratum Proxies configured to allow you to connect to them with any user ID and password. The are pointed at pools, and are mining directly for the Mine 4 Life Cause. You will need to setup Quota based load balancing, round robin, or another load feature in your mining software to allow for mining to be split. This will allow you to mine your choice of mining power to the cause while still mining for you. SHA-256: stratum+tcp:// SCRYPT: stratum+tcp:// -Sponsor Mine 4 Life as a Business. We offer advertising packages with our Business Sponsorship packages. More details on ARAWRMC.COM – Send BTC/LTC/PPC to Mine 4 Life directly. Currency: BTC: 12wtEUfGmDcVoHdAmEwQdHo8YUgnAkHJqr DOGE: DMSNsz1Akf1on87fCKZfoyPC6JHjTaZ4wV FTC: 72amwN76LswYm7hNgc1vkQWcBsHsF4AWhC LTC: LXY35dziBmi4Rg3ZxmyHpZBX8yJXhvJLUP PPC: PS313TZrJwKzL7XawVrJX38o7BhqpA7nVQ

6. Current Status?

We are making headway with our advertising campaign for the event which starts on the 22nd of August, and ends the 31st of August. This event is to announce to the mining community that Mine 4 LIfe needs their help.

7. Future Development plans

The future for Mine 4 Life points towards other technologies to raise funding for charities. Everything from servers, to batteries is being considered as options. For more information: Photo Source: Given by Client

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