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Montex Exchange: 7 Benefits for Crypto Community


Bitcoinist | Mar 28, 2019 | 00:00

montex Press releases

Montex Exchange: 7 Benefits for Crypto Community


Bitcoinist | Mar 28, 2019 | 00:00


Currently, there are more than 500 cryptocurrency exchanges on the market but only the best can draw sophisticated traders, looking for unique features and high-quality customer service. Montex Market stands apart with a unique feature enabling users to buy stocks in startups. Investing in startups can help traders diversify their portfolios and win from high growth potential. Although such investment strategies can be risky, allocating a smaller portion of funds can have a positive effect on overall yields. Let’s look at 7 features that make Montex Market exchange an attractive offer to both newcomer and old-time investors.

Feature 1: Ability to trade startup stocks with virtual currencies

With so many cryptocurrency exchanges popping up all around us, Montex Project saw the opportunity to do something more and deliver additional value to crypto enthusiasts all around the world. At the exchange, traders can purchase stocks in startups that have been carefully selected based on financial data and their potential for growth.

At Montex, users can both purchase and sell stocks in startups as easily as they can trade cryptocurrencies, instead of being locked in for lengthy periods which is usually the same with “legacy” venture capital deals. In this way, the project helps crypto-community learn about new ways to invest and become an active investor in a startup, set to make a difference.

Feature 2: In-depth pre-research into startup offerings

Researching is key to selecting high-potential startups for investments. Montex Market team takes an in-depth research into startups who wish to be presented at the exchange. Users can review a suite of documents including the latest financial documents, business plans and a short video about the business, all available at the same place and free of charge.

Feature 3: Monitoring cryptos health and Insurance

Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies that already got listed on multiple exchanges might seem here to stay, but none of them are immune from a drastic fall in prices or even delisting.

Montex Market continuously monitors prices and underlying projects behind virtual currencies, able to act quickly and delist a coin in case of project failure. In addition, users that seek to hedge against potential risks of their currencies being delisted can purchase insurance. Should a coin go down in price, the insurance will pay out, thus reducing their losses.

Feature 4: Heightened security

With so many talks about hacking attacks on crypto exchanges, many investors are scared of trading. Montex Market is different from other major exchanges – it doesn’t store user’s private keys which stay in the native wallet, downloadable as an app. Even in the unlikely event of Montex Market being hacked, attackers won’t be able to access users’ funds since private keys to their wallets never pass to the exchange.

Users can easily register multiple accounts and multiple devices. Should they lose a device, it’ll take just a few seconds to deactivate the linked account, wherever they are. And in case of their data being leaked, perpetrators won’t be able to access the account from any other device.

Feature 5: Modest transaction fees

This unique set of features and security protections doesn’t come at a high cost. Transaction fees stand at 0.00110-0.00130 ETH per one transaction which compares attractively against similar options on the market.

Importantly, should a trade use the native token MON to transact, they will win a reduction in fees of up to 50%. In this way, Montex promotes the use of its own token, enabling long-term holders.

Feature 6: Multilingual support

Naturally, when learning about the unique offerings from Montex Market, investors might face various questions. They can always contact the admins with Telegram Group, who will come to rescue and help clarify on any queries.

The project currently supports Japanese, Chinese and English with plans for more languages to come.

Feature 7: Future Plans

Future goals set out by the team show unique features be launched and a professional approach by the team toward development. First, binary options are coming soon, which is also unique among crypto exchanges. Montex plans to partner up with an EU bank and issue a debit card, which is super-useful for quick withdrawals. And MON token will get listed at other exchanges this year which will bring more attention to this unique project across crypto-community.

Overall, Montex Market is one-of-a-kind project that crypto enthusiasts definitely should pay attention to. There’s a certain yearning among crypto enthusiasts to diversify and invest in something else than crypto. Stocks in startups is as good as stablecoins, fiat, shares and bonds. With such stocks being highly discorrelated from other asset classes, they help bring balance to an investment portfolio. It’s easy to chat with the team in Telegram and experience trading at the exchange in real life.

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