Reading: News Summary: June 22-28


News Summary: June 22-28


News Summary: June 22-28


Overstock making strides again with Bitcoin adoption! Unlike many companies that use Bitpay and Coinbase as a processor and immediately convert to fiat, Overstock actually holds 10% of Bitcoin received as Bitcoin.  In fact, according to Patrick Byrne when he delivered his keynote address on Saturday at the Bitcoin in the Beltway conference, 3% of Bitcoin sales from Overstock will be used to spread awareness of it. Also, Patrick is hard at work on trying to get Overstock internationally (Bitcoin is only accepted in US as of writing) to accept Bitcoin. As if you cannot tell, Patrick is a serious believer in Bitcoin, and he is doing what he can to help promote this fantastic idea.

Hacker vs. SecureWorks 

Recently, a story of a hacker that has been mining Dogecoins ($200,000 worth) since February. SecureWorks, a daughter company of Dell, stated that the hacker targeted NAS boxes.  Even though SecureWorks is trying to find the hacker, the hacker is quite illusive, even mining on his own private Dogecoin pool to hide traces of account logins. See the Dell post here and the Facebook post here.

Amagi Metals new site

Amagi Metals, a gold company famously known amongst the Bitcoin community for their support of Bitcoin has gotten a website makeover! And to celebrate they are having a 48 hour Bitcoin sale! Also now they have a free market news section, where you will be able to keep up with news on Bitcoin, gold, silver, etc. You will also be able to monitor the price of Bitcoin, as well as gold and other precious metals straight from the website. Check them out over at

PayByCoin Service 

In a partnership between Coinbase and Quickbooks Online by Intuits Lab, a service known as PayByCoin is now available. What is PayByCoin? Essentially it is a low cost solution for small buisness merchants to start accepting Bitcoin, with the only fee Coinbase’s 1% proccesing fee (fee is waivered on first $1,000,000 proccesed) and some nominal fees regarding setup, many times with setup being free to encourage merchants to start accepting it.

Visit Coinbase’s Blog and Intuit’s PaybyCoin page for more information.


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