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Next Generation Decentralized Poker Platform: Revolutionizing Online Poker Forever


Georgi Georgiev | Aug 20, 2018 | 07:00

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Next Generation Decentralized Poker Platform: Revolutionizing Online Poker Forever


Georgi Georgiev | Aug 20, 2018 | 07:00


Crypto Poker Club delivers a next-generation decentralized platform for online poker powered by blockchain-based technology. Understanding the issues that plague traditional platforms, Crypto Poker Club harnesses the benefits of the distributed ledger and provides for a greater, more profitable gaming experience.

The Existing Challenges

Online poker took the world by a storm in the early 2000’s, providing millions of people with means for making money from the comfort of their home, playing their favorite game.

However, existing platforms for online poker are riddled with issues which trim user experience across the board. And it can’t be any other way – ever since their introduction, online poker platforms haven’t been majorly improved or changed.

As such, all of the current platforms come across fairly similar issues including but not limited to substantially increased rake which reduces profitability in the long-run, sites full of bots and major security issues, strenuous verification checks and restrictions and inconveniently long withdrawal times.

Going further, the majority of the websites are equipped with old random number generating (RNG) systems which pave the way for more bad beats.

Introducing the Solution

Crypto Poker Club handles the above issues through blockchain-based technology. The platform is entirely decentralized and fully anonymous, guaranteeing unparalleled data protection. This is crucial amid recent scandals fueled by major data breaches such as the one involving Cambridge Analytica and many others.

Thanks to the distributed ledger technology, the platform is capable of handling same day withdrawals carried out with zero transaction fees. The same technology allows for an incredibly low rake put at 4 percent and capped at $1 across all stakes.

Understanding the importance of proper infrastructure, the Crypto Poker Club platform is built from the ground up, following a careful and consolidated approach benefiting poker players substantially.

Enhanced Security

Applying a unique multi-layered approach towards security, Crypto Poker Club has managed to build one of the most secure online poker platforms out there.

The four security layers include:

  • Player Funds & Segregation
  • Anti-Tracking Tools
  • Bot Prevention
  • Collusion & Anti-Cheating

Combining all of the above means that users’ funds are fully protected offline which eliminates the possibility of hacks. Players are safe from being tracked and their opponents won’t be able to use HUD stats. The unique blend of sophisticated algorithms runs 24/7 in the background and it provides for fully-fledged protection against bots.

Randomness & Tamper Proof Truly Guaranteed

It goes without saying that any online poker game has a Random Number Generation (RNG) system at its core. It’s what shuffles the cards and makes sure that they are generated randomly. Yet, it’s impossible for a computer software to generate truly random numbers as it’s deterministic.

In other words, if you have the same starting inputs and conditions, you could replicate the sequence and come up with the same output. This constitutes a major issue for online gambling as the system is not tamper-proof nor is it truly random. However, the metrics which are used across all the certification bodies allow the usage of the so-called Pseudo-Random Number Generation (PRNG), and as such venues are able to get away with it.

Crypto Poker Club takes the matter to a whole new level, introducing the Triple-Factor Random Number Generation (TFRNG) method.
Backed by Swiss hardware, the platform combines hardware random number generators with the Blockchain its self in a very unique hybrid system. This is able to produce a higher degree of random numbers as well as being tamper-proof – something that a software-based system cannot offer.

This is entirely new to the field and it has never been done before. What this means for players is that they’d get a fewer coolers, bad beats and far less frequent extreme scenarios.

The following chart illustrates the TFRNG process:

Profitability Focused

Apart from all of the above, Crypto Poker Club strives to become one of the most profitable online poker games on the planet. Benefits include:

  • You can get up to a 200% instant first deposit bonus. Unlike conventional platforms, however, it’s paid instantly and not in parts.
  • The platform has built-in ranks which provide up to 50% Rakeback paid automatically each month.
  • There is a Freeroll that takes place every hour, 24/7, none stop. Build your bankroll for free.
  • Monthly Rakerace competitions with prizes up to $6,000+
  • Weekend prizes and bonuses for all players to boost your bankroll constantly.
  • Ultra-low rake that is set at 4% with $1 caps making it one of the most profitable poker games long term for grinders.
  • Crypto Poker Club will cover all miners’ fees and withdrawal costs making it free for the user. Withdrawals will also be done on the same day which makes boosting profitability or escaping market volatility easy.

Aside from all of the above, poker players can utilize market fluctuations to boost their poker winnings even further or as pointed out, cash out same day for free to avoid a market downswing.

You can try out the platform directly on your browser on their official website or download the windows application which is recommended by the authors to get the full experience.

What do you think of the Crypto Poker Club? Does it manage to tackle the common issues faced by traditional online poker websites? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below! 

Image courtesy of Crypto Poker Club.

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