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Quanta Partners with Coinfirm to Bring Compliance and Mass Adoption to Their Blockchain Lottery Platform


Bitcoinist | Dec 07, 2017 | 15:30

Quanta Partners with Coinfirm to Bring Compliance and Mass Adoption to Their Blockchain Lottery Platform Press releases

Quanta Partners with Coinfirm to Bring Compliance and Mass Adoption to Their Blockchain Lottery Platform


Bitcoinist | Dec 07, 2017 | 15:30


Coinfirm to help Quanta develop strict anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing prevention methods and streamline compliance processes through the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform.

LONDON, UK, December 7, 2017Quanta has announced its partnership with leading global regulation technology company Coinfirm to ensure being the first global and compliant blockchain lottery.

Quanta has enlisted Coinfirm to help identify and solve problems related to achieving and maintaining compliance and adhering to regulations. Through its API and structured reports, Coinfirm will help Quanta develop strict AML/CTF and fraud prevention methods, streamline the compliance process and give Quanta the ability to safely realize its potential and goals.

Gaming is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, and being a pioneer requires particular care and attention to established requirements. Achieving full compliance is one of Quanta’s most important goals and the company are taking significant steps to ensure success through a strategic alliance with Coinfirm.

Coinfirm is globally recognized for their Blockchain AML/CTF Platform that uses over 200 proprietary algorithms, risk flagging scenario’s and big data analysis to deliver structured, actionable data,  increasing efficiency and streamlining compliance to near automation. The Platform also serves as the foundation for cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption by traditional financial entities and paves the way for mass markets. Headquartered in London, the company is establishing industry compliance standards for blockchain transactions thanks to its combination of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology expertise and experience working with major financial institutions, regulators, tech companies and start-ups.

Adam Vaziri, Chief Regulatory Officer at Quanta, commented:

We are very impressed with Coinfirm’s leading accomplishments in establishing compliance standards for blockchain and are certain that their Blockchain AML & Compliance Platform, expert knowledge and guidance will ensure mainstream trust and adoption for Quanta.

In addition to the specialized services provided and joint development, Pawel Kuskowski, the Co-Founder and CEO of Coinfirm will join Quanta as an advisor to intimately work with the project to ensure that Quanta becomes the first ever blockchain-based lottery that is fully compliant.

An entrepreneur and regulatory AML/CFT and compliance thought leader, Pawel is a former Global Head of AML/CFT/Sanction Functions for major international banks. He has over 14 years experience in the financial sector and is the Chairman of the Compliance Association of Poland. Pawel is also an innovator in the application of blockchain technology within financial systems and has extensive experience conducting global projects for international financial institutions that cooperate with supervisory authorities.

Kuskowski said:

I am really glad Coinfirm is bringing our AML/CTF Platform and compliance solutions to such a great project like Quanta, which will help push blockchain further into mass markets. I’m equally excited to personally advise and work hands on with Quanta on their further development and growth. The collaboration of our two companies is another notch for this ecosystem and its development.

The two companies are bringing the world its first regulated blockchain-based lottery and in doing so are establishing new levels of legitimacy for the whole blockchain ecosystem by raising standards and setting new benchmarks for the industry.

Coinfirm has also added another feature to the AML/CTF Platform with the release of their AMLT Token. The Token of Compliance, AMLT is designed to enhance transparency and democratization within the financial system by allowing market participants to help determine the potential risk of others as well as act as the utility token that allows the holder access rights to the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform and a range of prepaid products. Currently in Pre Sale, the AMLT public token sale begins December 12th at 3 pm UTC and is available directly through the AMLT site.

About Coinfirm

Coinfirm serves as a foundation for the safe adoption and use of blockchain. The Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform uses proprietary algorithms and big data analysis to provide structured, actionable data that increases efficiency, reduces costs and streamlines compliance to near automation. A recognized leader in their field and among the most influential blockchain and regtech companies, the blockchain agnostic platform benefits not only companies operating around blockchain but also major financial institutions, asset management, and BI companies. In addition, Coinfirm develops dedicated blockchain solutions such as their data provenance platform Trudatum, currently being piloted for adoption by multiple financial institutions. Trudatum is an easy to use blockchain solution to register and verify the ownership and authenticity of any type of document, file, or data.

About Quanta

Quanta is a pioneering technology company that develops and implements breakthrough, blockchain-based products and services. Quanta is currently preparing for the global launch of their premier product – Quanta Lottery. The first fully compliant blockchain lottery in the world, Quanta is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes smart contracts to ensure fully autonomous, manipulation-immune gaming. Developed with breakthrough RNG (random number generation), the first provably fair lottery can operate independently or by adopted as a white label solution. Quanta also actively researches the ways in which its proprietary technologies can be implemented by diverse fields and industries.

For more information about Quanta visit their company website or email them at

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