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Rakuten Super Logistics is now accepting bitcoin


Rakuten Super Logistics is now accepting bitcoin


Bitcoin is admitedlly becoming a common way of payment; after the two industry giants, Dell and Overstock, Rakuten Super Logistics becomes the third giant multinational accepting bitcoin has a method of payment.

Rakuten Super Logistics U.S is a company that provides order fulfilment services for online retailers, has already begun accepting bitcoin via BitPay after several requests from customers. Joseph DiSorbo, CEO of Rakuten Super Logistics has stated:

“We are working to apply this new technology to the benefit of market participants, especially those who can’t now easily access the global e-commerce marketplace”


Rakuten Super Logistics is making e-commerce fulfilment payment options for merchants more accessible on a global scale. By utilizing bitcoin for payments, the company has positioned to meet the growing demands of e-commerce retailers who are among the most forward-thinking global businesses embracing the bitcoin technology. Disorbo explains:

“Selling online is highly-competitive, and retailers no matter what industry they’re in have a high risk and cost of accepting payments compared to brick and mortar retailers”

About Rakuten Super Logistics U.S.


Founded in 2001, Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. (formerly Webgistix is a Rakuten, Inc. (4755: Tokyo) company and a global leader in e-commerce order fulfilment. Operating a strategic, nationwide network of fulfilment centers, Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. protects e-commerce retailers’ reputation with fast and accurate order fulfilment. The Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. SmartSuite of e-commerce services include SmartFill, SmartStock, and SmartShip Optimizer for calculating the optimal shipment method so orders are delivered at the lowest cost at guaranteed delivery times. Rakuten’s e-commerce platform, Rakuten Ichiba, is the sixth largest in the world. The company has seen record earnings for six consecutive years. In 2013, its operating profit climbed 80 percent, and its revenues totalled 518.6 billion yen, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.


The former Rakuten CEO, Hiroshi Mikatani had already pronounced about bitcoin early this year, saying that we would see a rapid growth in the internet and sooner or later, Rakuten would be accepting bitcoin, so this already was a long awaited announcement.

The group is considered one of the biggest and most powerful brands in the world, as well as a global competitor to Besides, the company also manages its own bank, Coindesk reports, which could open numerous possibilities to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Since MTGOX bankruptcy, Japan has seen a serious decrease in bitcoin related business, Rakuten’s new digital payment option the potential to boost general Bitcoin adoption in Japan, where this process has been surprisingly slow.




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