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Roobee: Ongoing IEO With Potential


Bitcoinist | May 13, 2019 | 10:00

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Roobee: Ongoing IEO With Potential


Bitcoinist | May 13, 2019 | 10:00


We’d like to bring forward an impressive project which has started its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) today, May 13th on cryptocurrency exchange BitForex. 

About Roobee

Roobee introduces a blockchain-based investment service which takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as fully transparent statistics. The goal is to enable people to make both disciplined and smart decisions when it comes to investing in digital assets with a very affordable entry threshold of $10.

The service combines a broad range of investment products from different markets, while providing its users with an instant access to loans, venture capital, IPOs, real estate, cryptocurrencies, shares of startups, and other products at zero commissions for buying them.

At the same time, Roobee adheres to a rather strict philosophy of diversification and and it refrains from accepting any rash investment actions which include borrowed or loaned funds and last savings. The platform will will provide investors with exclusive rights to invest in very promising projects such as TON, Zoom, Levi’s, and others.

Roobee’s IEO has started today, May 13th and the team has also devised a very incentivizing bonus structure for its investors.

Unlike a lot of the projects who raise money before they develop the product, Roobee has already come up with a solution that is up and working.

Some of its strong suits include:

  • $4.5 million raised in pre-seed funding from a popular cryptocurrency whale
  • $15 million already processed through Roobee’s test system
  • Community of more than 300,000 potential investors
  • $1 million private IEO round closed instantly by a top 250 Bitcoin whale

In addition, Roobee’s team is comprised of reputable members of the financial world. Artem Popov, the project’s co-founder, is a serial entrepreneur, as well as an expert in the fields of community building, product development, and digital content marketing. He’s established relationships with prominent industry proponents, including Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO, Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, John McAfee, and many others.

The Problems That Roobee Solves

Roobee attempts to solve a range of different problems that people tend to come across when investing in various products. Let’s look at some of them.

Lack of Access to Global Market Investment Products

Many investors tend to have no access to global market investment products. This is because a lot of the people don’t have the professional knowledge and experience in knowing where and how to invest their money. Roobee brings that access to everyone. It aggregates numerous investment products from the entire world and it combines them in a uniform system in order to provide an opportunity to invest in them with a single click.

Lack of Transparency in Different Investment Products

Many of the investment products lack transparency because there are few real and trackable statistics which reflect their performance and efficiency accurately. Roobee delivers both transparent and authentic statistics of each of the investment products on the market. This is thanks to the RoobeeChain blockchain which enables users to verify the effectiveness of any investment before actually spending their money.

Risk of Financial Loss

Investing comes with a certain risk of financial loss and that’s especially true for digital assets which are kept in centralized wallets and exchanges. In order to deal with that, Roobee has no access to the funds of its users as its built on the HyperLedger framework. It also delivers a decentralized wallet service called RoobeeWallet which allows users to store their own private keys.

High Admission Threshold

This is yet another consideration which prevents many investors from accessing various investment products – the high admission threshold. Hence, Roobee creates conditions for micro-investing in any of the products on its platform. Users can spend as little as $10 on different products from all over the world.

Time Consuming Choice of Investment Products

It’s very difficult for people to make an educated choice of investing in a certain product, beyond the proper research and analysis. Roobee is completely transparent and paints the full picture of all of the investment products. It aggregates and introduces information in an easy-to-digest manner, allowing investors to quickly navigate through the variety of investment products.

Roobee’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Roobee’s IEO has started today, May 13th, on the BitForex cryptocurrency exchange. The event will go through two rounds and it will last from May 13th until May 22nd. The price per ROOBEE token is set to $0.01 with a minimum purchase amount of 1000 ROOBEE.

However, the project has also devised an incentivizing bonus scheme for those investors who put up more money. Users can get up to 10 percent bonus to the number of tokens they have purchased.

In short, Roobee brings forward a needed concept with an already established business model. Having raised money prior to its IEO also takes the additional pressure off.

To learn more about Roobee, you can visit their official website.

To participate in the Roobee IEO, check this link.

What do you think of Roobee? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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