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SaTT Now Provides The Perfect Solution For Cryptocurrency Bounty Campaigns


Bitcoinist | Jul 15, 2020 | 16:44

cryptocurrency bounty Press releases

SaTT Now Provides The Perfect Solution For Cryptocurrency Bounty Campaigns


Bitcoinist | Jul 15, 2020 | 16:44


Cryptocurrency bounty campaigns have been one of the popular ways of marketing a crypto project to the entire blockchain community. Since the inception of blockchain token fundraising, the traditional model of administering bounty has been the regular method most blockchain projects have relied on to push the concept to outer space.

The traditional bounty method has relied on manual auditing by bounty managers to verify, accredit, and reward contributions from bounty hunters. Though it had served a worthy purpose in the past, however, the model is currently losing steam.

The drawback is that it’s an expensive process for projects looking at maximizing resources as it involves the employment of the service of bounty managers who charge exorbitant fees for their services. This traditional method is highly centralized and relies entirely on the human rating which could be biased and prone to avoidable errors.

It is always a horrible nightmare for bounty hunters who don’t get enough credits for their efforts even after their bounty contribution has been duly approved. This could be chiefly attributed to errors due to incorrect ratings by bounty managers who handle a large chunk of entries and struggles to meet up with deadlines.

These backlogs have contributed to bounty hunters’ frustration as they may get a lesser credit for their high-quality contribution. This stands tall among the reasons why bounty campaigns are becoming unattractive for bounty participants. The good news is that an innovative blockchain project is now rewriting all of these narratives.

Atayen Inc., one of the leading technology-based companies focused on developing innovative business pages for Facebook and other advertising giants has rolled out SaTT, a decentralized advertising solution well suited for today’s business environment.

SaTT had announced the launch of its publishers’ monetization page days after announcing that Richard Wang, partner at DraperDragon has joined SaTT advisory team. This move is considered very crucial in leading the SaTT project to the next phase of development.

The publishers’ monetization page of SaTT is focused on enabling blockchain projects and companies to get on the front page of the internet and reaching out to potential clients. Users have rated the SaTT solution as the top alternative to using the traditional bounty method to create awareness about blockchain projects.

With SaTT solution, blockchain projects can leverage a decentralized protocol to design bounty campaigns to best suit their project long term goals and mission. With this approach, they don’t have to employ the services of bounty managers. Blockchains smart contract protocol replaces the need for a third-party bounty manager who foresees the reward system.

With a few clicks, any blockchain project or enterprise can set up a bounty campaign on the SaTT platform to enable bounty hunters (publishers) to push advertising contents across top social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

Similar to a regular bounty campaign, a crypto project will be required to create a bounty campaign and invites the general public to participate in their ongoing campaign. In return, publishers or bounty hunters get compensated for their efforts and time in promoting and publishing content related to the crypto project.

This protocol gives Blockchain projects (advertisers) the flexibility to design their campaign to best suit their interest in terms of budgeting, duration of the campaign, criteria, etc. The system crawls content and passes it through an approval process to ensure that all publications and contents made by bounty participants meet and surpass the design criteria for the stated campaign.

Most projects allocate up to 5% of all token supply to bounty programs. The bad news is that this approach usually results in a huge dump in price by bounty hunters when the token gets listed on exchanges, leading to outrageous price dilution. Executing all bounty activities using the SaTT cryptocurrency eliminates the possibilities of this risk.

From a bounty hunter’s perspective, the SaTT solution raises the bar above most barriers that have kept them away from hunting. They will no longer be subjected to a manual reward system, once entries into a campaign have been approved, the SaTT smart contract executes the reward for each entry based on the performance of the content.

With a user-friendly interface, The performance of each bounty content is subjected to the number of views, likes, upvotes, and shares each content generates. The transparency of this protocol leaves the bounty hunter more satisfied and well-compensated for their efforts.

Bounty hunters could also be prone to the possibilities of fraudulent projects as there is little or no information to verify the authenticity of their existence. SaTT checks against such occurrences. Due diligence is strictly carried out in each project and should a project go south,  as all bounty participants on the SaTT platform will be duly paid in the SaTT tokens regardless of the outcome of the bounty project.

After reaching out to the SaTT team, they had stated that they will be adding more functionality to the platform to make SaTT solution the best call for every blockchain project looking at getting their project out in the frontline. Blockchain-based projects are invited to advertise their brands and get a feel of a top-class advertising protocol with SaTT

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