Reading: SimpleFX Launches BETA Webtrader Platform

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SimpleFX Launches BETA Webtrader Platform

Osato Avan-Nomayo · @3rdPesinSingula | Jun 26, 2018 | 17:00

SimpleFX Launches BETA Webtrader Platform Sponsored Article

SimpleFX Launches BETA Webtrader Platform

Osato Avan-Nomayo · @3rdPesinSingula | Jun 26, 2018 | 17:00

SimpleFX (SFX), a forex and cryptocurrency CFD broker, is set to launch a new and improved version of its webtrader platform. This new BETA release features a unique redesign of the platform. It also includes several upgrade tweaks that are sure to improve the user experience.

Traders will also have the opportunity to suggest possible improvements to the platform during the BETA test. SFX recently released its iOS trading app to go along with the Android smartphone app.

Introducing the New SFX Webtrader BETA Version

The new SFX webtrader focuses on ease of use with many necessary upgrades to both the design interface as well as the platform tools. The platform features a complete design overhaul. The trading engine has also been revamped, delivering faster loading and pricing updates.

Introducing the New SFX Webtrader BETA Version

Traders can efficiently manage their accounts via a host of adjustable and customizable option menus. With a simple click, users can disable/enable newsletters and email statement. Users also have easy access to their Unilink affiliate panel. Earlier in June 2018, SFX announced its partnership with Unilink to deliver state-of-the-art affiliation tools to its users.

SimpleFX Webtrader

Webtrader Features

One of the significant improvements in this latest iteration of the SFX webtrader is the inclusion of fully adjustable technical analysis tools which include:

  • Bars, Area for the chart.
  • Different trend lines, arrows, ray, channels, angle.
  • Shapes: rectangle, ellipse, triangle, curve, arc.
  • Fibonacci tools, Gann, Pitchforks.
  • Brush, patterns, ruler, price range, object tree.

SimpleFX Webtrader

Traders can also either view charts on market list or current price levels for all symbols and currency pairs on the platform. The revamped design also provides the ability to hide/unhide all drawing tools without having to cancel them.

SimpleFX Webtrader

The new SFX webtrader BETA is all about convenience and ease of use. With one tool, traders can manage all their essential market indicators. This means that they can access, enable, and disable whichever active indicators that are required for trading analysis.

A new feature for placing orders has also been added to the BETA release. After placing an order, traders can easily crosscheck all the necessary data (such as pips value, margins, etc.) required for optimum risk management. Also, SFX has improved the limit order feature – traders can now set an expiration date (in addition to being able to set price levels) thus enabling them to manage their trades better.

Other newly added features include a simplified shoutbox with only four rooms as well as a “News” and “TV” section.

SFX is Committed to Continuous Improvement

In its quest to deliver a superior web trading experience, SFX is calling for traders to offer suggestions on how to improve the webtrader platform. Traders can use a bug tool to submit any issues with the BETA release. Alternatively, traders can use the notification popup to provide a rating along with a brief description of the improvements they would like to see in the main release.

Both the old version as well as the BETA release of the SFX webtrader platform will be available for use until the end of August 2018. Subsequently, the old version will be discontinued in preparation for the live release of the new homepage. Users can also refer to the short tutorial video that explains how to use the webtrader platform.

For more information about the SFX webtrader BETA release, please visit

Have you tried the new SimpleFX webtrader BETA version? How does it compare to the old version? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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