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Spells of Genesis Announces Game Reset for New Rewards Season


Bitcoinist | Sep 23, 2016 | 10:53

Spells of Genesis Bitcoin

Spells of Genesis Announces Game Reset for New Rewards Season


Bitcoinist | Sep 23, 2016 | 10:53


GENEVA, Switzerland — Blockchain-based, mobile trading card game, Spells of Genesis (SoG), is announcing a reset of the game’s solo campaign following the successful web soft-launch last week. The reset occurred yesterday (Sept. 22) at 3 p.m. CEST. All in-game items and solo leaderboard points were erased to give players a clean slate.

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Spells of Genesis Game Reset

spells of genesisThe purpose of the reset was to prepare for a new solo rewards season, giving players a fresh start to compete for spots on the solo leaderboards and attain new game items, according to EverdreamSoft’s marketing and communications manager, Markéta Korteova.

Spells developer EverdreamSoft also gave 1 WATERSCOURT card to each registered SoG player that has finished at least one level, and has linked a Counterparty wallet to their SoG account. The gesture, according to Korteova, was to thank all who have showed their support for the game, which had just launched a token sale of its in-game currency, BitCrystals (BCY) last summer.

In addition to the WATERSCOURT cards, all registered players received 25 gems to help them begin the new solo season.

The reset erased all solo campaign gains previously achieved, including gold, crystals, gems and off-chain cards.

The new solo season introduces a beta version of guilds. Starting as just a web-based feature, players will be able to create and join guilds, competing as teams for leaderboard positions. The guilds feature will move to the mobile application as development progresses.

With the introduction of guilds, the reset also brought a new leaderboard: one for solo play and one for guilds.

Commenting on the guilds beta, Shaban Shaame, CEO and founder of EverdreamSoft, said, “We will definitely see the challenge going on by allowing players to play in groups,” adding, “I’m thrilled to see how engaged the players are with the game [and] … I’m impatient to see players competing [in] this new season.

The new season will last until Oct. 11, when at 3 p.m. CEST, another reset will take place before the game’s mobile soft-launch. BitCrystals rewards will be distributed to solo and guild players proportionally based on their points score at that point. Afterwards, a third reset will be instituted in preparation for SoG’s full launch. As with this one, the next two resets will erase all solo gains.

EverdreamSoft will continue to work on the game during the new season, preparing it for further launch phases. The addition of new features are on the horizon, which will be revealed as the subsequent two resets near.

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About EverdreamSoft

EverdreamSoft is a Switzerland-based company founded in 2010. The company specializes in the development of casual and online trading card games, which includes the popular trading card game Moonga, the top grossing card game in six countries in summer 2010.

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Media Contact

Markéta Korteova

Marketing Manager

Images courtesy of EverdreamSoft.

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