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Stop Looking for the Next Bitcoin, Cryptoindex CIX100 Token is Here


Georgi Georgiev | Jul 11, 2018 | 11:00

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Stop Looking for the Next Bitcoin, Cryptoindex CIX100 Token is Here


Georgi Georgiev | Jul 11, 2018 | 11:00


The staggering explosion of the cryptocurrency market over the last 12 months has caught the attention of millions of people around the world. Yet, one underlying issue remains widely unsolved – finding the best way to enter the market. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cryptocurrencies, which means that finding the right entry point is challenging. Cryptoindex offers a cost-effective and simple way to begin the foray into the complex world of crypto.

2017 marked several critical milestones for the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin’s unprecedented rally leading to its all-time high, slightly upwards of $20,000 in January 2018, attracted the attention of the media, institutions and individuals alike. People started to grasp the potential of this nascent market and became eager to capitalize on its further development and potential for returns

However, the first two quarters of 2018 have seen the huge gains of late 2017 drop away while still offering very high volatility… Bitcoin itself lost around 70 percent of its value and as the current single currency benchmark, dragged the rest of the market down with it.

The Need for Stability

Identifying the coin likely to perform as well as Bitcoin has, is a lot easier said than done.  There are a huge number of existing coins with new ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) announced every day, each with a new and differing business plan and structure.. Amid this diversifying market, participants are starting to look for stability. Even long-term crypto players, once solid backers of a Bitcoin buy and hold policy, are starting to see the need for successful diversification of their crypto wallets, as putting all their eggs in one basket is clearly a risky approach.

Picking the coins which perform well through a certain period of time in the crypto world is particularly challenging. Sorting through individual business plans and ICO structures and then deciding which coin or ICO  is either doing well or will be successful, would be hugely time-consuming and potentially cost an opportunity as the market moves during the research.. What is more,  ill-performing cryptocurrencies have to be constantly vetted out of the investment portfolio in order to prevent potential losses adding to the burden of managing a successful portfolio.

All of the above is challenging for a seasoned crypto participant, let alone for a beginner  who is unlikely to have the required  information or knowledge easily at hand

Here Comes the Solution – Cryptoindex

Cryptoindex is a comprehensive solution which could potentially tackle all of the above-mentioned challenges. Tapping into the unlimited potential of blockchain-based technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, Cryptoindex presents a constantly evolving index of the 100 best performing cryptocurrencies.

Unlike regular coins, the Cryptoindex utility token, the CIX100, references the Cryptoindex’s proprietary AI Index,  incorporating the top 100 performing cryptocurrencies.

Incorporating aspects of major indices such as the Dow Jones, the CIX100 reduces expense, time spent on huge amounts of research and the need to constantly monitor so many individual coins at once.

Readymade Crypto Entry Point

Cryptoindex offers an array of advantages for both the novice and seasoned Crypto Currency participants. Unlike many other cryptocurrency indices, the Cryptoindex AI based system, Zorax, uses the web and social media along with a large array of factors, to help choose the coins that will be kept, added or removed from the index constituents. It is system can make these decisions, assimilating vast amounts of data and inputs at a speed no person could ever hope to match, enabling it to take advantage of the quickly arising opportunities in this volatile market.

The CIX100 utility token, referencing the Cryptoindex 100, therefore allows the token owner to track a carefully selected set of cryptocurrencies that are constantly updated and assessed without the need for complex research, high costs and time-consuming execution on multiple exchanges.

Cryptoindex team

Developed by a team of mathematicians with more than 13 years of experience in the field of market evaluation and trading strategy, Zorax is an algorithm which uses a wide range of data inputs from an extensive number of sources. It creates a unique approach to the production of fully automated index calculations, aiming to reduce human influences to a bare minimum.

Coins which fail to satisfy the filtering criteria are replaced at regular intervals, and all of this is automated so that the investor doesn’t have to go through the hassle on his own.

Based on the above, Cryptoindex has shown the potential to outperform the market by as much as a staggering 70%. Its comprehensive algorithm is factoring in more than 80 different criteria, enabling it to determine the most appropriate investment opportunities at any given moment.

The Project that Can

The CIX100 provides a clear and adequate answer to one of the most pressing issues in the current cryptocurrency environment – the challenge of finding an entry point. It also comes with particularly comprehensive and user-friendly platform which provides the following perks, among many others:

  • Constant monitoring of the top 100 coins in a single, reference price
  • Accurate market signals alerts and notifications
  • Formula and metrics tracking
  • Live statistics and ratings on cryptocurrencies

Cryptoindex’s CEO, VJ Angelo, a seasoned veteran of the financial markets, touches on the benefits of this consolidated investment approach:

Cryptoindex offers the opportunity to bring the new currency and banking world together with the traditional investment and trading model. I believe this project will accelerate the development and adoption of these new products changing how we bank and trade in the future.

Cryptoindex’s CEO, VJ Angelo

VJ Angelo currently heads Global Derivatives Indices part of the LDX Group. He has over 30 years of experience in the field of financial markets. He, alongside a team of aspiring professionals, are making sure that Cryptoindex is on the right track towards widespread adoption.

The project’s private sale began on July 5th, 2018. The dates and terms for the whitelist and the ICO will be released at a later date on the project’s official website. You can find out more about it through their Facebook page or you can join the live discussion at Telegram.

What do you think of this automated, index-based cryptocurrency investment model? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Cryptoindex

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