ethereum altcoin

Top Trader Explains Ethereum’s Rally to $1,400 in 2018 Was a “Red Herring”...

Over recent weeks, the expectations of a parabolic Ethereum rally have become extremely prevalent. Due to a confluence of fundamental and technical trends, analysts left and right are...

Nick Chong | 7 months ago
Bitcoin Price

Summer Bitcoin Price Analysis: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The price action of Bitcoin is on everyone’s mind as we roll steadily towards the start of 2018’s third quarter. Let’s take a look at a few different scenarios for...

Kyle Baird | 3 years ago
Analyst predicts 50K Bitcoin

The Future’s Looking Bright for Bitcoin: Experts Predict $50K for 2018

I’ve had enough of being bombarded with FUD, from so-called ‘experts’ who don’t really ‘get’ Bitcoin. If I want predictions about the future of...

Emilio Janus | 3 years ago

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