bitcoin accepted sign

How to Accept Bitcoin Payments for Your Business

If you run a small business and want to attract more customers by offering bitcoin payments, you may be wondering where to start. Keep in mind that it’s definitely not a way of...

Christina Comben | Feb 07, 2019 | 17:00
Paul Krugman

Hey Paul Krugman, Bitcoin Doesn’t Need ‘Men With...

Bitcoin is not without its vocal band of critics and naysayers. The Nouriel Roubinis and Paul Krugmans of this world would have you believe that Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation is 100...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | Nov 09, 2018 | 15:00
Paynym payment codes
Bitcoin Technology

The Google Pay for Bitcoin Wallets: Payment Codes and PayNym Bots

An emblematic, and probably the most controversial feature, cryptocurrencies brought to the world economy is absolute privacy. Lately, however, it seemed that this property was lost as...

Paula Baciu | Sep 09, 2018 | 12:00
Bitcoin Could Make Credit Cards Obsolete
Bitcoin Businesses

Bitcoin Could Make Credit Cards Obsolete

According to some financial experts, Bitcoin transaction fees are lower. In addition, Bitcoin bypasses the unnecessary and expensive financial institutions within which credit cards...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | Aug 28, 2018 | 03:00

Watch Out BitPay: CoinGate Uses Bitcoin Lightning Payments To Zap...

Lithuanian cryptocurrency payment processor CoinGate has become one of the first industry businesses to offer Lightning Network (LN) settlements for Bitcoin. CoinGate: LN...

Wilma Woo | May 21, 2018 | 15:00
Bitcoin for Buskers - a Case Study in Micro-Transactions

Bitcoin for Buskers – a Case Study in Micro-Transactions

Heavy footfall, the call to action, a pay what you want strategy for instant payments accepted worldwide. Here’s why cryptocurrency could soon become the buskers’...

Emilio Janus | Apr 16, 2018 | 11:00
Circle Unveils New Product for Retail Cryptocurrency Investors
Breaking News

Goldman Sachs-backed Circle Buys Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange for...

Circle, the peer-to-peer payment services startup, has reportedly bought exchange Poloniex for $400 million. Job Done Between Circle And Polo According to Fortune editor Robert Hackett...

Wilma Woo | Feb 26, 2018 | 11:30
United Parcel Service (UPS) Patents Decentralized Locker Bank That Accepts Bitcoin

United Parcel Service (UPS) Patents Decentralized Locker Bank That...

The widespread acceptance of Bitcoin as a viable currency may be on its way if the United Parcel Service (UPS) is any indicator. Making In-Person Transactions Safer According to a...

Adam James | Feb 02, 2018 | 21:30
How will South Korea Regulate?

Lawyers Moving Into the Bitcoin Space

Many law firms are rapidly adapting to the business environment that Bitcoin technology offers. As a result, these law firms, as well as independent lawyers, are increasingly accepting...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | Jan 29, 2018 | 16:00

Bitcoin Is Pervasive In Medical Tourism

Bitcoin is increasingly being used for payments in various sectors of the tourism industry. Now, as medical tourism is booming, the cryptocurrency is also becoming popular in this...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | Jan 05, 2018 | 00:30

Gamers Rejoice! Top Up Your Steam Account Using Bitcoin

Gamers can now begin having marathon gaming sessions again as Bitrefill is now allowing gamers to buy Steam vouchers with Bitcoin and Litecoin. With the recent news that the Steam...

Matthew Tompkins | Dec 10, 2017 | 09:45
Bitcoin Prices Keep Dividing

Steam Drops Support for Bitcoin Payments Citing Wild Price Swings...

Bitcoin may be trading at all-time highs, but not everybody is celebrating. Crypto-loving gamers everywhere have their headsets in a twist after Valve, the parent company of popular...

Cynthia Turcotte | Dec 06, 2017 | 17:30

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