Devastating Flaw Allows Crypto Hackers to Steal Your Private Keys

Huge Security Flaw Allows Crypto Hackers to Steal Private Keys

Storing crypto private keys on a computer, even offline, may not be entirely safe. Known vulnerabilities in widely used processors have added one more pathway that could expose...

Christine Vasileva | 10 months ago
crypto keys stolen Intel
Bitcoin Security

Crypto Wallet Keys Could Be Stolen Due To Weak Intel Chips

Cryptography is all about security. The notion of having a public and private crypto wallet key and multiple hashes adds to those layers of security but at the bottom of it all is a...

Martin Young | 1 year ago
Blockchain Being Used to Save Lives Amidst Opioid Epidemic

Blockchain Being Used to Save Lives Amidst Opioid Epidemic

A growing number of start-ups and larger companies have begun to experiment with blockchain’s utility for solving public health crises — like the opioid epidemic in the United...

Kevin O’Brien | 2 years ago
Bitcoin Inside: Crypto Mining Farm to Open in Former Intel Facility

Bitcoin Inside: Crypto Mining Farm to Open in Former Intel Facility

California-based 3G Venture II has paid $13 million for a significant portion of an old Intel chip plant in Colorado Springs, which it intends of turn into a new bitcoin mining...

Matthew Hrones | 3 years ago
5 Ways Bitcoin Has Already Changed Money Forever

Intel May Make Bitcoin Mining Profitable for Individuals Again

Intel Corporation is interested in developing specialty hardware for the mining of Bitcoin, which may help small-time miners once again turn profits. Intel to the Rescue According to a...

Adam James | 3 years ago
Bitcoin Industry Report

Industry Report: No Bitcoin Crime Goes Unpunished

A bitcoin buyer is robbed, the latest game to pay in digital currency, and new initiatives for fighting ransomware are set forth. Want to catch up on your latest digital currency news?...

Nick Marinoff | 4 years ago

Intel to Unify Internet of Things With Bitcoin Transactions?

Intel, one of the world’s biggest computer chip manufacturers, is focusing a lot of its attention on its role in developing the Internet of Things. The future of technology is...

Jp Buntinx | 5 years ago

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