AliPay’s Jack Ma Confirms Successful 3-Second Blockchain...

Jack Ma’s Ant Financial (Alipay) has revealed it has successfully trialed a new Blockchain remittance service which it plans to...

Wilma Woo | Jun 25, 2018 | 06:00
Altcoin News

Sibcoin Launches a Decentralized Service for International...

The Sibcoin team has announced the launch of...

Cynthia Turcotte | Jun 23, 2017 | 12:30

Nigeria: An In-Depth Look at Using Bitcoin in a Currency Crisis

This case-study will focus on Bitcoin’s rise in...

SG Kinsmann | Feb 02, 2017 | 11:00

Abu Dhabi Bank Picks Ripple for Its Blockchain Remittances

United Arab Emirates’ National Bank of Abu Dhabi...

William Suberg | Feb 01, 2017 | 09:00

Could Trump Cause a Spike in the Bitcoin Price?

Another slight drop has hit Bitcoin. Following our...

Nick Marinoff | Jul 16, 2016 | 05:00

Robocoin’s Romit Software: Become a Bitcoin ATM

On the 21st of April, Robocoin released its Romit...

Nuno Menezes | May 10, 2015 | 08:00

BTCPoint Enables 10,000 ATMs to sell Bitcoin in Spain

 BTCPoint has enabled over 10,000 ATMs to sell...

Jeffrey Maxim | Mar 08, 2015 | 15:00

Palarin Brings A Coinbase-Like Bitcoin Exchange To The Philippines

“Global remittances to developing countries...

Jeffrey Maxim | Feb 13, 2015 | 21:00

Bitpesa Raises $1.1 million To Expand To New African Countries

Started in Nairobi, Kenya a little more than year ago...

Jeffrey Maxim | Feb 11, 2015 | 21:00

BitSpark Brings Bitcoin Remittances to Indonesia

Update — 1/24/2014: We have changed this article to fix a reporting mistake. Previously, we...

Guilherme Fernandes | Jan 24, 2015 | 15:00

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