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UK Investment Manager InvestYourWay Offers Bitcoin-based Investment Fund


UK Investment Manager InvestYourWay Offers Bitcoin-based Investment Fund


InvestYourWay, an online fund building platform, yesterday announced it was introducing Bitcoin as a new asset for investment. The company believes making an investment in digital currencies available as part of a diversified portfolio strategy. By offering Bitcoin as part of a fully diversified fund the firm becomes the first UK regulated investment manager to provide Bitcoin investment as part of a bespoke portfolio.

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InvestYourWay clients can now build a fund unique to themselves and add on products like Bitcoin to their bespoke portfolio with as little as £2,500.InvestYourWay_article_Cover1_Bitcoinist

About InvestYourWay

Launched in 2014, InvestYourWay is an investment management service completely tailored to the individual. Intuitive, dynamic and simple to use, clients can set up personalized funds within seconds by investing in a range of products and regions, giving the user a truly bespoke portfolio. InvestYourWay enables clients to build a bespoke, professional-grade fund in seconds, placing clients at the heart of the global financial markets, so they can take control and seize the opportunity.

When questioned about was the main attractive that the company saw in Bitcoin, InvestYourWay CEO Michael Newell answered:

“Since launching our online fund building platform at the end of last year we have offered a range of products to allow clients to tailor their individual funds to meet their needs, with offerings from gold to the UK tech sector.  We actively work with clients to expand this range, and the most highly requested product since launch has been Bitcoins.  Many people are aware of what they are yet few know how to get access to them.  Fewer still would haveStreets-Michael_InvestYourWay_artcile_Bitcoinist any idea how to build Bitcoin into a diversified portfolio.  In response to this demand, we have worked to bring a solution to market that allows for exposure to Bitcoin as part of a balanced and managed portfolio.  So our clients can now, for example, build a European tracker fund with exposure to Bitcoin, or perhaps an Asian fund with exposure to the UK tech sector and Bitcoin.  The choice is theirs.  Once they have set their preference, we will build their bespoke fund and run it for them going forward.”

InvestYourWay is a completely new way to invest money in the market, giving clients complete real-time control over their investments. In under a minute clients can build a bespoke fund tailored to meet their needs.  Be it a low risk fund investing in Europe and gold, to a high risk fund investing in Asia and the UK tech sector, InvestYourWay funds are constructed and managed with each client receiving a completely unique and bespoke solution. With this latest development clients can request that these unique, personalized funds include Bitcoin.

Michael Newell says:

“Unlike traditional fund managers who are restricted by the funds they have on offer, we have built this business on the principle of the right for a client to be able to choose the type of investments we include in their bespoke fund, from particular global regions to individual products. With this latest enhancement clients can now choose to include Bitcoin as part of that solution. We believe it is all about providing the kind of bespoke service that would be available to the high net worth individual but making it accessible to all within a well-managed and balanced portfolio.”

Bitcoin is still a relatively new product, and the value of them can be quite volatile. To ensure that this risk is managed appropriately, InvestYourWay will only include Bitcoin as one holding within a diversified fund, thereby reducing exposure and managing risk. InvestYourWay is also only making Bitcoin available to those clients who can demonstrate a sufficient amount of investment experience when signing up to the service.

Newell commented:

“Bitcoin represents yet another innovation bringing together technology and finance to create better and more accessible solutions. While we acknowledge Bitcoin is still in its infancy we are encouraged by the backing it has received from both companies and the general public as a whole.  Whilst, the Blockchain technology, will no doubt evolve over the coming years as it seeks to become more mainstream, we think it has been an excellent start and one we are happy to support our platform.”

The company customers can now invest in Bitcoins and benefit from the changes in the value of Bitcoin without being completely exposed to the risk of needing to hold the product directly.

It seems that the Financial Markets and Investment Management Firms suddenly turned their interest to the digital currency. This week alone, we have seen the Nasdaq Stockholm, the NYSE and InvestYourWay launching Bitcoin-based financial investments. With the bitcoin halving getting near, this might be a sign that something is about to happen.

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Press Release and Images provided by InvestYourWay

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