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vDice Support Ethereum Light Wallets

Norbert | Aug 19, 2016 | 09:43

vdice Press releases

vDice Support Ethereum Light Wallets

Norbert | Aug 19, 2016 | 09:43

vDice has announced full support for Ethereum light clients. Specialising in gambling games that exist only on the Ethereum blockchain, they have become the leader in Ethereum Gambling Dapps. The vDice platform is unique in the Ethereum space and the area of digital currency generally.

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Their crazy designs are a treat. But the real interesting part is the technology they are building.

These are provably fair, super secure, blockchain gambling games for Ethereum.

The fact they are blockchain based means vDice never touches your funds. You bet straight from your wallet, to the game that lives on the blockchain.

They have released additional features and functionality this week. This greatly simplifies the betting and investing process for players.

Now players can use Jaxx, Metamask or MyEthereWallet to bet or invest, with a few clicks, right from their browser.

Ethereum-based smart contracts are the guarantee players receive payouts. The site has clear instructions. The game is surprisingly easy, for a somewhat complicated platform like Ethereum.

The really great part is that the site never holds or even touches your funds. This really is the promise of Ethereum smart contracts. It is good to finally see them being implemented properly.

Support is also super responsive and the vDice team maintain a strong social media presence.

We recommend to ask them if you have any questions. Otherwise, the Smart Contracts themselves are verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

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