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The Vegan Initiative: An Ambitious Cryptocurrency Project for The Vegan Lifestyle


Bitcoinist | Mar 17, 2017 | 03:58

Vegan Press releases

The Vegan Initiative: An Ambitious Cryptocurrency Project for The Vegan Lifestyle


Bitcoinist | Mar 17, 2017 | 03:58


After the rise of Bitcoin above $1,000, a new wave of altcoins hit the cryptocurrency scene. Many developers are bringing ideas and new blockchains are created every day. One such promising project is The Vegan Initiative, which is not only a cryptocurrency, but an ambitious project involving the world of Veganism.

[Note: This is a press release]

Being Vegan is a lifestyle choice, that avoids any form of cruelty against animals, for clothing, food and cosmetics. At the same time, Veganism promotes development and use of alternatives for the human and animal benefit”.

A new way to love ourselves, to create a meat-free world, reduce pollution, save precious water and live longer thanks to a healthier lifestyle. It is estimated that more than 8 million people in the United States embraced this choice, and about  60% of them are women.

How Does The Vegan Initiative Work?

The developer wanted to put together two hard-to-understand worlds (for the masses). According to his declarations, The Vegan Initiative wants to create a new reward system, based on cryptocurrency, for those who practice and embrace the Vegan philosophy, that pays on the basis of on self-published reviews of new cosmetic products, food, clothes etc.

Also a marketing program is being developed, according to the Bitcointalk thread.

After the first uncertain days, the coin started to gain interest even on Twitter, with more and more people retweeting and showing interest for The Vegan Initiative.

To achieve all the goals in developer’s mind, the Initiative needs to be crowdfunded. The official roadmap was released a few days later the project presentation. It’s divided into eight steps.

The first one, is about the launch of the coin that already happened.

The second step, includes all the crowdfunding process (the ICO is hosted on and details about bounties and promotion, to reach more and more users in crypto world.

The third step is very important: the developer will start building the website, core of the project, together with a blog and many sections as News, Reviews, Personal Pages. Developer also stated that the website will have full Facebook integration.

For the most lazy users, will be released also a newsletter. Google Insights and SEO positioning will complete this step before the mass adoption of the coin.

After the creation of the website, The Vegan Initiative will take care of social media promotion. The developer said that he wants to create teaser images and video trailers for the project and vegan products, this is a really important step as it will be the launch pad for XVE.

After this, The Vegan Initiative will enter the Vegan advertisement network, with new videos released featuring cryptocurrency adoption (I’ve never seen other coins doing this honestly), and ads on the main Vegan websites.

The sixth step is about calling all the potential Vegan reviewers in: as I said before it is estimated that more than 8 million people in the US are Vegan, so it won’t be hard to find a good amount of reviewers, their job will be reviewing all the vegan products.

The interesting thing is that the developer will put in their hands a nice amount of tools and services to get things done right: video tutorials, XVE wallet usage etc. The developer Paul also promises to do contact information gathering to retrieve new Vegan products every month, to help the reviewers until they are able to order products on their own.

Step eight introduces the reward management process, done by the developer, together with reward system implementation for the reviewers, so they can get money for their work. Instagram photos and video trailers will make the reviews catchy, with the final goal of creating a big community of healthy lifestyle lovers.

The biggest step in The Vegan Initiative roadmap is the last one, that will take place in September 2017, when people will be able to buy Vegan products inside the online-shop created by the initiative. According to the roadmap, it will accept multiple currencies, like USD and EUR, XVE (the official Vegan currency) and of course Bitcoins.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The Vegan Initiative is one of the most promising coins released in the last months, I strongly suggest you to take a look at the project here:

If you find the project attractive, you can consider to buy shares at (

With developer’s great attitude, promoting a better and healthier way of life, makes The Vegan Initiative the missing ring between Veganism and Cryptocurrency.

Images courtesy of The Vegan Initiative

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