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Walletreum, DeFi, and The Rapid Road To Financial Freedom


Bitcoinist | Sep 15, 2020 | 18:31

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Walletreum, DeFi, and The Rapid Road To Financial Freedom


Bitcoinist | Sep 15, 2020 | 18:31


Walletreum, DeFi, and The Rapid Road To Financial Freedom


Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that laid the foundation for total financial freedom. The next major step in freedom from traditional finance and big banks is DeFi.

The explosion in the decentralized financial ecosystem has created a sea of new projects and opened up a world of innovative ways to generate income and turn profits. DeFi is a far-reaching sub-section of the crypto industry, which provides new avenues for investors to take advantage of.

Previously, it wasn’t easy to take advantage of all that DeFi has to offer without managing multiple accounts, platforms, wallets, and more. However, the smart crypto management tool –– Walletreum, makes it easy to access DeFi’s most essential tools and maximize ROI on one’s crypto holdings, all under one roof.

Walletreum: The One Stop Shop For All Things DeFi

The total value of Ethereum locked up in DeFi projects is appreciating by every passing day. The demand for the cryptocurrency has surged as a result. The rising DeFi tide has also lifted all other vehicles, prompting nearly every ERC-20 DeFi token to surge throughout 2020.

The popularity of DeFi emerged out of the bear market, allowing crypto holders to earn money. For example, by locking up and lending out tokens for a regular annual yield. Yield farming was the next major innovation that the DeFi space had to offer, and the latest is the swapping phenomenon where liquidity providers pool capital together to boost token prices.

However, in order to dive into each of DeFi’s most lucrative features, it used to require several different platforms and a variety of tokens. Walletreum and the WALT token, however, opens up the floodgates to the world of true decentralized finance.

Walletreum utilizes an AI-based trading software called Algon, with three unique iterations: Algon X1, Algon X2, and Algon X3. Each operates with a slight variation in how it achieves yields, depending on a user’s risk appetite. Algon regularly adapts to markets and readjusts to maximize return on investment. The tool’s code has shown as much as 4-6% return even in bear markets.

Walletreum’s Algon also mediates lending and borrowing on the platform, using what it calls a “Safe Credit” system, allowing users to take out crypto collateral loans without actually selling an asset. There is also a very low-interest rate, no fear of liquidation, no KYC, and “no deprecation of user funds.”

There has also been a surge of “swap” platforms letting crypto investors gain exposure to new DeFi projects and swap out one token for another. However, rising Ethereum gas fees have made so many platforms unusable or too costly to consider. Walletreum’s ZeroSwap feature allows to user’s to-do OFF-Chain swapping with Zero fees (Inter-platform) with virtual assets backed tokens with a limit.

WALT Token Opens Up The Doors To DeFi’s Best Features On Walletreum

The WALT token allows users to take advantage of the lending and borrowing features of Walletreum and Algon which in turn will let them earn WALT tokens.

The ERC-20 token can either be purchased or earned using Walletreum and utilizing Algon’s key features. WALT has a hard-cap of just 50 million tokens giving it digital scarcity. Tokens will be distributed via a public sale, a pre-sale, the project’s core team, company reserves, and staking and as staking rewards. Over 5 million tokens will be available via WALT farming.

The pre-sale phase just took place, where the ERC-20 utility token sold out in only eight hours. Users that hold 1,000 or more WALT tokens in the Walletreum wallet will be granted access to additional benefits such as zero withdrawal fees and no fees on ending lending phases early, a discount on interest rates, and access to ZeroSwap, Algon X3, and the farming mechanism.

Users can learn more about Walletreum at the official website or by reading the project’s whitepaper. The company says that WALT tokens will begin listing on top crypto exchanges, and a new app will be launched on iOS and Android devices.

Walletreum has also confirmed a strategic partnership with the Ferrum Network for WALT staking, which will be available to users starting in one to two weeks. According to the roadmap, WALT staking was planned to launch in Q1 of 2021. However, the company achieved this milestone significantly ahead of the expected rollout date.

Finally, a fiat portal, WALT debit card, and more are expected down the development pipeline, promising even more potential in the already value-packed proposition.

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