• More and more top brass from traditional financial companies is joining cryptocurrency startups. The latest is an ex-CEO of Visa UK and Ireland. ‘SEAMLESS’ PAYMENTS The former CEO of Visa UK and Ireland has joined a cryptocurrency startup looking to make cards for everyday shopping. Marc O’Brien, CEO of Visa UK and Ireland from 2008 to 2014, was announced as CEO of cryptocurrency payments startup Crypterium on Thursday. Crypterium calls itself a “cryptobank” that lets you pay

    Former Visa CEO Joins Cryptocurrency Startup Making Payment Cards

    | 2018/05/19 10:00 pm
  • Due to the increased spotlight on cryptocurrency, criminals are finding it more difficult to cash out their Bitcoin for fiat, but they are finding ways to do so. A common media portrayal is that of a criminal who plies their trade on the Dark Web and amassing a fortune in Bitcoin. It is true that the daddy of cryptocurrency can be used for all manner of illicit transactions, but an interesting phenomenon is now occurring.

    4 Ways Criminals Are Trying to Cash out Their Bitcoin

    | 2018/03/20 2:30 pm
  • Controversial Bitcoin debit card issuer Monaco has finally begun closed beta testing after almost two years of development. MCO Token Spikes After Months Of Tracking Bitcoin Originally founded in June 2016, Monaco promises cryptocurrency spending at “perfect interbank exchange rates” but faced controversy after failed deals and drastic reworking of its product offering late last year. Now, the company’s MCO token has regained some of the ground it lost since the time of Bitcoin’s own

    Controversial Monaco Debit Card Progresses After 2 Years Of Delays

    | 2018/03/12 1:30 pm
  • Bitcoin Core developer Jonas Schnelli has hit out at payment processor BitPay after it suddenly “deactivated” all its non-US debit cards. Visa Wields Axe On Prepaid Cards In a message to users, BitPay explained that its card issuer, Wave Crest, “received direction from (Visa) to immediately close all accounts of its prepaid (Visa) debit card programs,” of which its prepaid Bitcoin debit card was one. A lack of notice meant the company had no choice

    Bitcoin Core Developer Scorns BitPay After Mass Debit Card Shutdown

    | 2018/01/05 7:45 am
  • BitPay is one of the most popular Bitcoin payment processing companies in the world. Today, they announced support for more cryptocurrencies, starting with implementing Bitcoin Cash to their payment platform and debit cards. BitPay is a point-of-sale company that allows traditional businesses to accept Bitcoin. They provide an easy to use means for users to pay with the popular digital currency, which is especially attractive to businesses that have customer bases that may not be

    BitPay to Add Support for Bitcoin Cash, Other Cryptocurrencies

    | 2017/12/15 9:15 pm
  • Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has been spotted spending Bitcoin in California’s Beverley Hills proving that despite the coins recent bad press, that Bitcoin really has legs. Floyd Mayweather caused more buzz in the cryptocurrency world when he posted a photograph of himself on Facebook and Twitter proudly sporting a Titanium Centra Card in a Beverly Hills shoeshop a few days ago. Spending bitcoins ethereum and other types of cryptocurrency in Beverly Hill https://t.co/q9VZ3MzpK8 pic.twitter.com/BYyOFUnm8W —

    Floyd Mayweather Fights in Bitcoin’s Corner

    | 2017/09/17 3:30 pm
  • With multiple companies offering bitcoin-to-debit card services these days, there’s a race to see who can make it easiest. Shakepay this week took it a step further by launching Shakepay Instant — one-off VISA debit cards created in seconds, using a Chrome browser extension. Also read: Crypto-Education: Universities Starting to Accept Bitcoin Payment for Degrees The Chrome extension creates a one-off card number with a pre-set amount. The idea is to be fast and simple — there

    Shakepay Instant: Bitcoin Debit Cards in a Browser Extension

    | 2016/11/25 6:00 am
  • Another small rise is in the books. Following a drop to $639, the price of bitcoin has jumped up to about $645 at press time. Also read: Pounds vs Yen: The Battle Over Bitcoin Rages On At first glance, this appears to be a meaningless rise. Just a few dollars, nothing to scream and shout about, but considering the circumstances surrounding the halving that has now officially taken place, the results are something to celebrate.

    Price Report: Bitcoin is Dominating Argentina

    | 2016/07/10 5:00 am
  • Spanish bitcoin payment platform Bitnovo is now offering new payment options, one of which is a “Bitcoin charged” debit card that can be used at all retailers and MasterCard-accepting ATMs. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by Bitcoin PR Buzz and is not responsible for their products and/or services. Converting Between Bitcoin and Euros With Bitnovo Since its launch 6 months ago in December

    Bitnovo Allows Direct Bitcoin Wallet Access With New Debit Cards

    | 2016/05/27 6:00 pm
  • There have been some crazy things happening in the world of digital currency since our previous industry report. Is it possible that the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has been revealed? Los Angeles is now home to some new Bitcoin ATMs, and BitPay has introduced us to a new kind of credit card. Take a look at some of this week’s headlines below: Editor’s note: Since press time on this article, news has emerged of Craig

    Industry Report: Dr. Satoshi, BitPay Launches Bitcoin Debit Card

    | 2016/05/06 6:00 am
  • WageCan has recently launched a new euro-denominated Bitcoin debit card. The company believes that this new addition to the market will greatly benefit European Bitcoiners, who can use the card to save money on currency conversion fees when traveling around the region. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. The New WageCan Debit Card The company is also offering a virtual debit card as a part

    WageCan Launches Euro-Based Bitcoin Debit Card

    | 2016/04/07 5:34 pm
  • Bitcoinist is proud to announce that we are partnering with WageCan to give away 50 of their popular bitcoin debit cards. The winners of this giveaway will be chosen at random from our newsletter subscribers, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter for your chance to win! Also read: US Cyber Command Has Been Given its First Wartime Assignment WageCan Bitcoin Debit Card Giveaway In order to be eligible for this giveaway, you

    Bitcoinist Giveaways: 50 WageCan Bitcoin Debit Cards Up For Grabs

    | 2016/04/06 10:49 am
  • London, March 17, 2016 — Wirex Limited has launched the first 2-way bitcoin debit card with a buy bitcoin function.  Wirex, recently rebranded from E-Coin, will now enable users to fund their debit card accounts from anywhere the world with bank transfers and alternative payment methods. This move is expected to benefit Wirex’s customers in more than 130 countries globally.  Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with this firm and is

    Wirex Launches Buy Bitcoin Service and 2-way Bitcoin Card

    | 2016/03/18 6:00 pm
  • UniChange is a Bitcoin exchange platform that now offers instant Bitcoin debit cards, virtual and plastic. Since 2013, Unichange has offered key services to Bitcoin users, and continues to do so with high quality and low fees. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with Unichange and is not responsible for its products and/or services. Unichange debit cards allow the users to spend their Bitcoin and Litecoin within a fiat payment system without

    UniChange Launches Bitcoin Debit Cards!

    | 2016/01/25 8:00 am
  • Coinbase launched its Bitcoin debit card to much adoration by crypto-currency enthusiasts. Shift Payments, a fintech company, will issue the card, which enables Coinbase users in 24 US states to spend bitcoins online and offline at more than 38 million merchants across the globe. Also read: Peter Todd Double Spends on Coinbase Shift: The Debit Card from Coinbase To receive a Shift Card, you can order it from Coinbase. You will be asked to provide an

    Charlie Lee Opens Up About Coinbase Shift Debit Card

    | 2016/01/12 8:00 am
  • Founded in 2000, XMLGold has become a household name in the digital currency market. Ensuring the utmost security with all transactions protected with SSL 256-Bit encryption, XMLGold is pleased to announce a new instant service for clients that will allow them to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with XMLGold and is not responsible for its products and/or services. In collaboration with Online Bank Transfer, XMLGold clients

    XMLGold Launches Instant Bitcoin Service!

    | 2015/12/17 12:00 pm
  • Bitcoin debit card provider E-Coin is taking part in the highly anticipated Bitcoin Black Friday event. The company will offer its Bitcoin debit cards at a 40% discount for 48 hours Also read: Bitcoin Black Friday: Merchants and Impact on Bitcoin Normally, an USD-denominated debit card from E-Coin costs $17 USD with standard shipping. During the two-day Bitcoin Black Friday sale, the same card will be available for $10.20 USD with standard shipping. The E-Coin

    E-Coin Black Friday Sale: Bitcoin Debit Cards 40% Off for 48 Hours

    | 2015/11/26 10:53 pm
  • E-Coin, a company that allows users to use both physical and virtual Bitcoin debit cards, successfully closed nearly $200,000 in funding from their campaign on BNKtothefuture. Also read: CEX Integrates TradingView Bitcoin Charts! The campaign started on October 4th, 2015, and ended 30 days later on November 4th, when E-Coin received the funds. Their minimum goal was $151,785 for 10% equity, but managed to do 30% better, at $198,503. E-Coin will allocate the funds towards

    E-Coin Secures Nearly $200,000 in Funding

    | 2015/11/12 12:00 pm
  • In an exclusive interview with Bitcoinist, Mr. Brandon from Cryptonit, an organization that promises to offer the most secure platform to trade traditional fiat money such as USD and EUR for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, etc. says that they are going to launch anonymous debit cards by the end of 2015. Coming from a company that is registered with the relevant authorities in the UK, the anonymous debit cards are expected to gain

    Cryptonit to Launch Anonymous Debit Cards by the End of 2015

    | 2015/09/28 11:31 am
  • Many of you may be familiar with services offered by payment processors such as Neteller in which you can create a virtual credit card and use said card for online purchases, anything that would not involve presenting the card in-person. Well, E-Coin is bringing the same feature into its bitcoin debit card service. If you want a bitcoin debit card to use solely for online purchases or Paypal, this is the way to go. You

    E-Coin Releases Virtual Bitcoin Debit Cards

    | 2015/09/09 12:03 pm
  • E-coin specializes in bridging the gap between the traditional financial institutions and Bitcoin by allowing Bitcoin users to store Bitcoin safely with its multi-sig wallet service, as well as allowing users to load Bitcoin onto debit cards that can be used at any POS terminal that accepts VISA cards — in USD, EUR, and GBP. Also read: Litecoin Halving: Impact on Exchange Rate, Mining Profitability “Inspired by blockchain decentralized technology, the company dedicates a great part of

    E-Coin Launches Bitcoin Debit Card Affiliate Program

    | 2015/08/23 3:00 pm
  • Bit-x is a licensed cryptocurrency and mining platform, where you can trade both cryptocurrency and hashing power to earn Bitcoin. Bsed in the UK, the AML and KYC compliant exchange, which specializes in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and GH/s trading on top of Bitcoin cloud mining is now proud to offer Bitcoin debit cards. These cards are issued and processed by Bit-x’s exclusive bank partner. “With the launch of Bit-x’s debit card a new era of Bitcoin

    Bit-x Releases its Own Bitcoin Debit Cards

    | 2015/08/10 1:00 pm
  • With multiple Bitcoin debit cards in existence today, companies have a hard time distinguishing themselves from one another. E-Coin, one of the lesser known Bitcoin debit card providers, recently introduced cards for EUR, USD, and GBP denominations. Doing so removes any conversation rate fees associated with their previous cards, and makes it easier to spend Bitcoin. Also read: Bitcoin Debit Card Issuer E-Coin Partners With BitGo New Currency Cards Are a Success So Far When E-Coin launched

    New E-Coin Cards Denominated in Three Major Fiat Currencies

    | 2015/08/01 5:00 pm