• A society without physical money is already becoming very apparent in our world. Most people do not use cash or checks like they used to 20 years ago. Currently, there is only 8% of hard physical cash represented in the world, and the rest of our money is pure digits. It’s not hard to see that this is a reality as people use mobile banking, debit cards, and online payments. People can go for quite

    Bitcoin Is Superior To Cashless Systems Used Today

    | 2015/10/03 8:34 pm
  • Whenever mobile banking was introduced, a lot of people automatically assumed this gave them a tad bit more financial freedom. While it is convenient to check your bank account on a mobile device, that freedom comes at its very own price though. Depending on whether or not you installed a specific type of light dimming application, mobile ABN Amro banking might not work properly. Also read: Official Launch of Bitcoin.com Forum and News Platform Poor

    ABN Amro Mobile Banking Struggles With Apps Managing Screen Brightness – Bitcoin QR Codes Superior

    | 2015/10/03 5:37 am
  • It looks like the world of Internet and technology is facing yet another round of major platforms being hacked. Not only has Patreon dealt with a database breach – of which the stolen data was leaked online shortly afterward – but major telco T-Mobile has been suffering from the same fate. Details of roughly 15 million US customers have been stolen by hackers, including driver’s license numbers and other sensitive personal information. Also read: Patreon

    T-Mobile Customer Data Stolen In Experian Hack – Blockchain Technology To The Rescue

    | 2015/10/02 2:36 pm
  • When the Patreon database hack was announced, the technology industry was once again reminded why centralized solutions are not the way forward. Not only have customer email addresses been leaked, but also physical addresses and even private conversations on the platform. To make matters even worse, the entire database has now been published on the Internet, available for everyone to see. Also read: Venezuela “Tests” Bitcoin Website Ban – Streisand Effect Incoming Patreon’s Breached Database

    Patreon Database Hack Illustrates Urgent Need for Decentralized Solutions

    | 2015/10/02 7:58 am
  • Car ownership is no longer as valuable of a commodity as it used to be a decade ago. In this day and ago, car-sharing and ride-hailing services are providing a viable alternative to owning a car, without the surplus of hassle in terms of maintenance, gas prices, and whatnot. Furthermore, the recent Volkswagen scandal is hurting the prospect of car ownership even more, as consumers are losing faith in car manufacturers. The sharing economy model,

    Car Ownership Numbers Dwindle Due to Decentralized Alternatives

    | 2015/09/30 8:07 am
  • Many people look at digital trends and label them as mere phases. Despite the presence of the e-book, for example, many still prefer print editions of the texts they read. They hate going digital for some reasons, a particularly common one being that “their brains just won’t go there.” Also read: The Bitcoin Question: Buy Now or Cry Later? Which is why a good question to ask is, “How smart do you have to be

    Bitcoin and Digitization: Overhauling Society in a Digital Age

    | 2015/09/30 8:00 am
  • Australian executives in the traditional finance are starting to get a bad taste in their mouths concerning Bitcoin. It seems that cyber-attacks involving digital currency ransoms are on the rise in the Aussie region, and banks are taking them seriously. On September 21, 2015, Australian banks sent letters to 17 native Bitcoin companies explaining that they would be terminating the companies’ bank accounts. The news came unexpectedly, and the banks gave no reasoning to why they sent

    Bitcoin Criminals Target Australian Financial Sector

    | 2015/09/29 8:00 am
  • Uber is one of the most innovative companies as far as the concept of a sharing economy is concerned. Not only will the company allow anyone with a driver’s license to become a “cab driver” whenever they feel the need for it, but they continually look at ways to expand their services. UberEVENTS allows event organizers to pre-pay rides – to and from the venue – for their guests. Also read: What Would Happen if

    UberEVENTS Provides An Excellent Opportunity for Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Integration

    | 2015/09/27 2:58 pm
  • Some services in life are already automated, but there are still a ton of improvements to be made. Energy suppliers in the UK, for example, will now automatically switch customers to more expensive plans. The era of “fixed” fuel rates is coming to an end, which will affect tens of thousands of UK households over the next few weeks. However, if the customer fails to switch over themselves, they will pay an additional £186 fee.

    Blockchain-based Ledger By UK Energy Suppliers Could Prevent Late Fees for Customers

    | 2015/09/27 8:22 am
  • Bitcoin and the underlying technology of the blockchain has become a pretty important invention of our time. The cryptocurrency application itself has given us a sketch of new meanings that apply to money and mediums of exchange. The blockchain can house and transact with unlimited amounts of valued assets through its publicly distributed ledger, and among these valuable building blocks is unforgeable data. This data can lead to incredible concepts produced by the blockchains transparency

    Blockchain Identity: Solving the Global Identification Crisis

    | 2015/09/27 8:00 am
  • What, exactly, would happen if everyone just dropped the money they were using (USD, the euro, the yen, etc.) and resorted to dealing in bitcoin from here on out? Also read: “Blockchain Technology” is Bringing Bitcoin to the Mainstream This is a question that we’ve likely entertained on an individual or otherwise small scale at some point or another. As a civilization, however, it’s not likely we’ve actually sat down and thought through the full

    What Would Happen if Bitcoin Was Accepted Globally?

    | 2015/09/26 8:00 am
  • India is one of the world’s biggest booming economies, and e-commerce seems to be taking center stage in the lives of everyday consumers. At the same time, Bitcoin acceptance in the country is seeing an uptrend as well. Even though Bitcoin might not make a major impact in the world of e-commerce in India just yet. there are some benefits to using the frictionless virtual currency when dealing with live goat sales. Also read: Letstransport

    India Attempts Livestock E-Commerce Sales, Bitcoin Payments Next?

    | 2015/09/25 1:38 pm
  • The approaching halving of Bitcoin’s block reward is the subject of much optimism among Bitcoin enthusiasts and price speculators. Hardcore believers, uncaring about its exchange rate, look forward to the “halvening” as a milestone in Bitcoin’s history. Each block reward halving represents a triumph for Bitcoin, for they signify that Bitcoin has remained relevant enough for mining to continue. Speculators, on the other hand, look to the halving as a source of hope. Since the

    The Bitcoin Halving: Deflating the Hype

    | 2015/09/25 8:00 am
  • Ledger (not to be confused with the hardware wallet company) aims to be the first of its kind: a bitcoin-only scholarly journal. Ledger plans on publishing original research articles exclusively about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-related topics, such as mathematics, politics, and economics, to name a few. Also read: Tim Draper’s Startup U Should Focus More on Bitcoin “Ledger aims to encourage greater involvement by academics in cryptocurrency and foster a culture of rigorous analysis and peer-review

    Ledger: First Scholarly Bitcoin Journal Invites Authors

    | 2015/09/24 8:00 am
  • Bankymoon, a South African-based Bitcoin solutions company, is changing how people pay for utilities, making them more affordable. Bitcoinist spoke with Lorien Gamaroff, founder and CEO of Bankymoon, to find out more about the utility crisis in Africa and what Bankymoon is doing to solve it. Lorien, a South Africa native, shared with us about the crisis and how it is impacting Africans and the education system. Also Read: Bankymoon Offers Bitcoin Solution For Paying Utility

    Blockchain Smart Meters: Solution to Africa’s Utility Crisis and Struggling Schools?

    | 2015/09/21 3:00 pm
  • After two weeks of sharp, last minute changes in the Bitcoin price, the markets caught a break this week, with the price remaining fairly stable throughout. Thus, it seems as if the speculators have finally settled down. This, combined with this week’s relatively slow news week, explains the sideways action that persisted throughout the week. Also read: QuickActions Wins Disrupt SF 2015 Hackathon Daily Bitcoin Price Action September 14: $228.18 September 15: $229.61 September 16:

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: BitPay Hack, California Bitcoin Bill Dies

    | 2015/09/21 8:00 am
  • Yesterday, September 19, 2015, hundreds of hackers spent the day at Pier 70 in San Francisco working on projects in hopes to win the Disrupt SF Hackathon. In this competition, hackers have to create a fun and creative hack in 24 hours; the grand prize for the competition was $5000 USD, along with two runner-up prizes. Also read: Sharebeast Shut Down, Blockchain to fix bad File Sharing Companies? The winner of the 2015 Disrupt SF Hackathon

    QuickActions Wins Disrupt SF 2015 Hackathon

    | 2015/09/20 11:03 pm
  • Meet “the bitcoin kid.” He’s not a Wall Street broker turned rogue or a manager at Coinbase, but a 15-year-old sophomore student who currently attends Brentwood School in Los Angeles. His name is Whit Jackson, and the bottom line is, he’s passionate about bitcoin. Also read: Ethereum Powered Prediction Market Platform, Augur, Launches Crowdsale Jackson explains: “All my teachers know me as ‘the bitcoin kid.’ I told a few of my friends and it spread

    Meet Whit Jackson: the Bitcoin Kid

    | 2015/09/17 12:00 pm
  • The Isle of Man is home to a growing number of businesses that accept Bitcoin. During the past decade, the island became an important outpost to online poker, and some of the world’s biggest companies have relocated to the island, including Rational Group, the owner of websites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

    Isle of Man: a Safe Haven for Digital Currency

    | 2015/09/16 8:00 am
  • The blockchain serves as undeniable proof that the spirit of innovation will come through time and time again. Regardless of the BitLicense, ongoing regulation attempts, and the endless debate surrounding the problems it allegedly poses, the technology behind bitcoin continues to solidify its popularity and further its stance in the business world. Also read: How the Blockchain may be the Future of Wall Street San Francisco-based Blockstack works with companies hoping to orient themselves around the

    How Tierion Gives New Purpose to the Blockchain

    | 2015/09/14 12:00 pm
  • ShapeShift has proven to be one of the most popular services to be available in the virtual currency ecosystem today. Having the option to trade Bitcoin and over 40 other virtual currencies intermittently, without having to register for an account or complete a verification procedure, has attracted a lot of attention. Earlier today, news broke about ShapeShift raising US$1.6m in funding to further expand their service. Also read: Shapeshift Incorporates Ethereum into Altcoin Exchange Platform

    ShapeShift Raises Another US$1.6m in Funding

    | 2015/09/08 12:47 pm
  • The UK government might be the next entity that starts using the Bitcoin blockchain for non-monetary purposes. Every day we see more news that makes us think, “Man… How many things can the blockchain do? What all is it good for?” With what appears to be constantly-growing capabilities, it’s no wonder the budding technology has so many advocates. Also read: How the Blockchain may be the Future of Wall Street Several businesses orient themselves around blockchain

    UK Government Might Be Next to Use the Bitcoin Blockchain

    | 2015/09/08 9:00 am
  • This past week, the Bitcoin markets saw very little action, with last week’s sideways trend persisting. That is, however, until Sunday, when the Bitcoin price shot up $10 into the $240s range. With the Bitcoin XT drama finally settling down, and no changes in major fundamentals, it currently looks as if this latest spike is mostly speculative. Will this speculative surge liquidate itself, or will it establish a new fundamental support level? Also read: Bitcoinist

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Price Rockets, FinTech Industry Stirs

    | 2015/09/07 8:00 am