• “Buy low, sell high,” it’s some of the oldest investment advice in the book. Seasoned investors will often talk about buying the lows and selling the highs. It seems pretty straightforward, but sometimes it’s not. It is important to take impulse and emotion out of your decision making when riding the waves of the market, crypto or otherwise. [Editor’s note: This is a guest article submitted by Mojtaba Asadian, Founder and CEO, Darico] How can you successfully identify

    How Low Can You Go? 5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy That Dip

    | 2018/03/24 7:00 am
  • While Bitcoin has once again showed the cryptocurrency space who’s boss during this year’s bear market, there are a few altcoin exceptions that have fared relatively well. Here are some of the best (and worst) performing cryptocurrencies of Q1 2018. Down But Not ‘Rekt’ Towards the end of 2017, Bitcoin reached an all-time high price of $20,089 USD. At the time, the entire cryptocurrency market was red hot, as the total capitalization peaked at around

    10 Best & Worst Performing Altcoins of ‘Crypto Winter 2018’

    | 2018/03/23 8:30 am
  • The Mt. Gox trustee who sold over $400 million in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from December to February had denied affecting the market prices of both cryptocurrencies. A Whale’s Tale According to a transcript of a Q&A session from the 10th Mt. Gox creditors’ meeting, the defunct exchange’s trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi had denied affecting the market price of Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with his high-profile and high-volume sales. "Bitcoin Holder SLAYER"†Nobuaki Kobayashi†

    Mt. Gox Trustee Who Sold $400 Million Bitcoin Denies Affecting Market Price

    | 2018/03/17 10:00 pm
  • The cryptocurrency markets are eagerly demonstrating how truly volatile they are. However, their volatility provides unique opportunities to find undervalued coins with major events in the next two weeks. The 5 Altcoins To Beat BTC Returns this Week are SNOV, ZER, MTH, ETH & MTL. Altcoins to Focus On This Week: SNOV, ZER, ETH, MTH, and MTL This week’s altcoins worth shifting immediate focus to all have very exciting upcoming events. The market correction the

    5 Altcoins Likely to Outperform Bitcoin for the Week of March 17, 2018

    | 2018/03/17 11:00 am
  • Just as Bitcoin continues to disappoint get-rich-quick investors with another turn towards sub-8000 dollar levels, Bloomberg has suddenly decided that “Bitcoin seems a bit boring” – despite continuing to sensationalize the dominant cryptocurrency by market capitalization on a daily basis. A Real Snoozefest In case you didn’t realize it, Bitcoin is now officially boring — at least, according to mainstream news giant Bloomberg, who has apparently realized that double-digit daily gains in valuation don’t happen

    ‘Nobody Cares About Bitcoin Anymore,’ Claims Article About Bitcoin

    | 2018/03/16 12:00 am
  • Some people still doubt the fact that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are manipulated by big-money players – commonly referred to as “whales” – who pump and dump large stocks of cryptocurrency. Those people have never heard of Nobuaki Kobayashi. Tokyo’s Bitcoin Whale Nobuaki Kobayashi is an attorney from Tokyo, who also just happens to be the bankruptcy trustee for the no-longer-operational Mt. Gox — the Tokyo-based exchange which filed for bankruptcy protection after losing 850,000 Bitcoins.

    Tokyo’s Bitcoin Whale Has Sold $400 Million, And That’s Just The Start

    | 2018/03/07 6:30 pm
  • Stellar Lumens, the 8th largest cryptocurrency, currently has a market cap of $6,478,352,729 and a price of 35 – 45 cents.  However, just one year ago, the price of Stellar was less than one cent. With such astonishing gains made in the last year, many people are wondering whether or not Stellar will break out past the $1 mark, as its competitor, Ripple, was able to do in 2017. There are a number of factors that

    Stellar: Is XLM Headed Towards $1?

    | 2018/03/06 6:00 pm
  • Monero is riding high this week as the hype surrounding the soon-to-be forked MoneroV swells – but will it last? When Moonero? In the span of only a week, Monero (XMR) has seen its price surge by more than 33%. This time last week, Monero was trading under $275 per token. Now, one token costs $366 and is nearly at its all-time high in terms of its Bitcoin comparative. Driving the price of Monero towards the

    Monero Surges As ‘MoneroV’ Hard Fork Approaches – But Buyers Beware!

    | 2018/03/04 8:30 pm
  • In the already exceptionally volatile cryptocurrency space, altcoins are considered an even higher risk; but with higher risk comes higher reward. Finding the specific altcoin with the highest chance of outpacing BTC’s gains should be a goal for most crypto traders. Altcoins Worth Focusing On The altcoins worth shifting immediate focus to for this week are Bitcoin Private (BTCP), Dragonchain (DRGN), Oyster (PRL), Metal (MTL), and Hirematch (HIRE). These cryptocurrencies have major events in the

    5 Altcoins Worth Paying Close Attention to for the Week of March 4, 2018

    | 2018/03/03 10:30 pm
  • It was less than one month ago that the cryptocurrency world was in a panic and Bitcoin was plummeting from a high in December of almost $20,000 to a low in February of under $6,000. Now less than one full month later Bitcoin has rebounded surpassing the $11,000 mark on Friday, March 2, 2018. The Cryptocurrency Climate  According to Coinmarketcap, on December 16, 2017, BTC peaked at a high of over $19,500 depending on the

    Bitcoin’s Recent Rollercoaster Ride and Its Price Direction for March 2018

    | 2018/03/02 6:00 pm
  • Investment firm Wellington Management Co. has just thrown its $1 trillion hat into the cryptocurrency ring. Big Money According to the Boston-based investment management company’s February report, the private and independent firm is officially considering including cryptocurrencies in some portfolios, as its systems were recently upgraded to enable trading in Bitcoin derivatives. Wellington has also started taking out positions in companies related to cryptocurrency. According to Bloomberg, the team releasing the report includes equity research analyst Matthew Lipton

    $1 Trillion Investment Management Company Getting Serious About Crypto

    | 2018/03/01 9:00 pm
  • Analysts are forecasting further price drops before a breakout for Bitcoin the “parabolic” asset as sliding resistance plays out this week. Remember You’re Parabolic In an update to weekly markets analysis Monday, MarketWatch source known as Filbfilb suggested trading positions focusing around $8000 in the short term. At press time, Bitcoin was trading around $9550, down just above weekly lows of $9313 according to data from Bitstamp. In a forecast described by Twitter trading account

    Parabolic Bitcoin Price Will Return…But After How Long? Analysts Decide

    | 2018/02/26 7:30 am
  • Bitcoin price dropped below $10,000 again Thursday as analysis warns traders to prepare for “FUD” from detractors. $11,700 The Target To Beat Data from Bitstamp showed a sudden $500 dip over three hours, taking Bitcoin from around $10,300 to current lows of $9677. Having traded as high as $11,762 this week, markets appeared to encounter a lack of support closer to $12,000 Wednesday, creating a rapid drop and reversing gains which began around February 17.

    Bitcoin Price Under $10k As Big Resistance Triggers ‘A Few Days Of Bears’

    | 2018/02/22 10:30 am
  • Bullish sentiment for Bitcoin is gaining renewed momentum. Investors and financial experts are suggesting a variety of catalysts to explain Bitcoin’s rally, such as regulatory softening by some governments and new technological developments. Even PayPal’s Chief Financial Officer now predicts that Bitcoin might become a favorite payment method. In the meantime, Coinbase and Bitfinex are implementing SegWit to reduce transaction costs. Several Factors Are Fueling Bitcoin’s Rally Bitcoin’s current rally has many drivers. One of

    Several Factors Are Driving Renewed Bullish Sentiment for Bitcoin

    | 2018/02/21 10:00 pm
  • Bitcoin price gained 12% in the 24 hours through Thursday to approach $10,000 once again, but analysts warn of strong resistance. Big Targets And ‘Secular Bull Markets’ As Bitcoin added almost 40% in February from lows of under $6000 in some markets, Max Keiser led cautious optimism, celebrating what he called the end of “secular bull market.” “$28,000 in play,” he wrote on Twitter late Wednesday, adding that he thought Bitcoin’s “break through $10,000 will

    Bitcoin Price Battles $10,000 Resistance as Analysts Urge Caution

    | 2018/02/15 6:30 am
  • Bitcoinist spoke with Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst at eToro, on where the Bitcoin price is headed, how the popular platform is handling an influx of new users, and where he sees the cryptocurrency market headed in 2018 and beyond.  eToro is the leading  social investment platform in the world. Moreover, it is one of the first traditional trading platforms that has embraced Bitcoin trading.  By the end of 2013, eToro reportedly had over 3 million

    Bitcoin Acting as ‘Safe Haven of the Crypto World’ – eToro Senior Market Analyst

    | 2018/02/14 4:30 pm
  • Bitcoin’s bear market got you feeling blue? Well, cheer up! Dan Morehead, the founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, thinks the best is yet to come. The Bear Cycle Is Coming to an End Dan Morehead, the founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, went on CNBC’s Fast Money earlier this week, where he made some seriously bullish statements about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Despite Bitcoin’s recent and sharp correction, Morehead thinks

    Pantera Capital CEO: Bitcoin Bear Market About to Turn Bullish

    | 2018/02/10 10:00 pm
  • The characteristic volatility of the crypto market, especially over the last few weeks, has some investors experiencing feelings of anxiety and worry. A Moscow-based platform hopes to alleviate some of this stress with the launch of their new hotline. Even though Bitcoin is partial to price unpredictability, the last few weeks have been quite tumultuous. Just two months ago, the darling of the cryptocurrency world was riding the $20k wave. In addition, major financial institutions

    Bitcoin Price Uncertainty: Keep Calm and Call this Hotline

    | 2018/02/09 5:30 pm
  • Threats and actions from governments and bankers to crush Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies intensify. However, displaying one its finest features, resiliency, Bitcoin’s trajectory is once again retaking its ascending pattern, above $8,000 USD. Some experts believe that new technological developments will push Bitcoin’s value even higher. Bitcoin Rebuffs Threats from Bankers, Governments, and the Powerful Bitcoin rises once again above the $8,000 USD mark, snubbing formidable threats and actions from governments, bankers, and world financial

    As US Stock Market Crashes, Bitcoin’s Value Strengthens

    | 2018/02/09 3:30 am
  • While market purists have traditionally drawn a strong line between the young cryptocurrency market and the traditional stock market, analysts are now having a harder time denying the correlation between the two. Who’s Hurting Who? Some analysts have essentially been pointing their fingers at Bitcoin’s recent decline in price and gloating in what amounts to little more than “I told you so.” However, crypto non-believers have had to take a step back and reevaluate, following

    Did Dow Jones’ Plunge Cause Bitcoin’s Drop – Or Vice Versa?

    | 2018/02/08 11:30 pm
  • Getting new users into the digital currency space is one of the biggest problems faced by the community at large today. Most new investors don’t know what they’re getting into, but Saifu is looking to streamline this process. On-Ramping New Users Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular by the day, as is made evident by the increasing number of users across networks and mainstreaming in the form of futures trading and hedge funds. While

    Saifu: Enabling the Transition to a Digital Economy

    | 2018/02/08 7:00 pm
  • When it comes to investing among millennials, traditional stocks take a back seat to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A Lack of Trust in Wall Street While many older individuals see the volatile cryptocurrency market as proving too wild for their taste, millennials prefer to put their money in Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) – as opposed to established stocks and bonds. As is the case with this writer, many millennials have become disillusioned with the

    Millennials Much More Interested in Cryptocurrencies, Couldn’t Care Less About Stocks

    | 2018/02/07 9:30 pm