• There are many rumors being spread regarding McDonald’s possibly accepting bitcoin soon. The reason speculation is so high is due to their announcement of accepting a new digital currency soon. They entertained a variety of questions through twitter, and the response was particularly interesting when asked if it was bitcoin. The tweet towards McDonald’s was as follows: “So @McDonalds is going to start accepting a random type currency soon.. I wonder it its $btc #bitcoin”

    McDonald’s might start accepting Bitcoin soon

    | 2015/01/29 8:00 am
  • 2015 hasn’t started in the best way for bitcoin. The constant decrease in its price has been dizzying and miners have been without any doubt the most affected by the skydiving price. This steady decline of the bitcoin price began to question the profitability of big mining operations due to high energy costs. This led to some of the major cloud mining companies to adopt more extreme measures.

    Interview With Helga Danova of Cex.io

    | 2015/01/28 9:00 pm
  • India, a country of over a billion people, has slowly but surely started adopting bitcoin. Though the earliest roots of bitcoin in India trace back to 2013, after the central bank gave guidance on bitcoin, adoption really exploded in 2014. Today, the country has numerous exchanges, merchants and bitcoin meetups with members in the hundreds. One of India’s earliest bitcoin entrepreuers was Mahin Gupta, who ran buysellbitcoin.com, which was the largest Indian exchange in 2013.

    Zebpay Team Creates User Friendly Bitcoin Wallet

    | 2015/01/28 3:00 pm
  • It seems as though financial figures from all over are beginning to take note of bitcoin, especially with the recent news of regulated exchanges. Every day, people are starting to see bitcoin appear in the headlines either from companies adopting it, its price rallying or falling, or making waves in the financial regulation sector. However, education on the short history still seems to be an issue for people looking to learn all they can about

    Stetson University Analyzes Bitcoin

    | 2015/01/28 8:00 am
  • Braintree — a subsidiary of Paypal —  announced its partnership with Coinbase last fall, confirming rumors of Paypal getting involved with Bitcoin. Now, Braintree has created a v.zero SDK as an open platform, giving merchants access to the most sophisticated payment tools and the most relevant payment methods via a single integration. Currently, Coinbase is one of the main Bitcoin payment processors, handling about 2.2 million wallets and 38,000 merchants globally. Braintree is a paypal

    Braintree Enables Bitcoin Payments for US Merchants

    | 2015/01/27 9:00 pm
  • Oron and Eilon established Coinpoint in order to give the perfect turnkey solutions to bitcoin corporations and companies. They have tried to offer the perfect solution to cover internal and external marketing services. Coinpoint serves not only gambling brands but also other areas such as bitcoin mining, trading, and other Bitcoin operations, providing the best options in SEO, PPC, Media, internal marketing services and so on.

    Betcointech: Bitcoin Technology for Online Gaming

    | 2015/01/27 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin Analysis Bitcoin has been increasing consistently over the last seven days, to a currency price of $244.58. The last time we saw this price was before the crash where Bitcoin took a 40% dive in two days, which is discussed in the previous Market Summary. We started this week with Bitcoin under $200, and has increased by approximately 25% over the duration of this week which I believe is due to one critical information

    Market Summary 1-18/1-25

    | 2015/01/27 9:00 am
  • With the Silk Road trial set to proceed over the next few weeks, I managed to snag a interview with Max Dickenstein, who is seen in the featured image above. Max is a successful futures trader that specializes in commodities and currencies, including Bitcoin. When the Silk Road trial started last Tuesday, new evidence created fascinating headlines, such as Doctor Clu being arrested, as well as Ross Ulbricht’s journal being used against him in court. Hopefully, this

    Interview with Max Dickenstein: Silk Road Trial

    | 2015/01/27 8:00 am
  • On the 2015 Miami Bitcoin Conference we asked a few people on “What does Bitcoin mean to them?” in the special edition of Bitcoinist News Bits! The result is a really nice and entertaining video. If you are interested in what Valery Vavilov CEO of Bitfury, Anthony Brough CFO of Aquifer, Daniel Winters of Global Tax LLC, Steven Sprague CEO of Rivetz and Guy Corem CEO of Spondoolies-Tech has to say don’t hesitate to watch

    Bitcoinist News Bits: What Does Bitcoin Mean To You?

    | 2015/01/26 5:49 pm
  • Coinbase Invites Traders to the Moon with New, Regulated Exchange Coinbase has reinvigorated the Bitcoin market with news that today, Monday the 26th of January, they are launching a new, regulated exchange called Lunar. At the beginning of last month, Coinbase expanded its regular wallet services to include US dollar wallets for people in 16 US states. Since then, they’ve gotten approval in another eight. The wallet service is funded and withdrawn from regular US

    Coinbase Invites Traders to the Moon

    | 2015/01/26 1:04 pm
  • AltXE is a startup aimed at creating Bitcoin service products. The company is currently launching its first product, ChainPay, which provides payment processing services to online merchants. ChainPay is backed by a major European bank, which will charge 1% fee to merchants. We contacted James Carter, Founder of AltXE, to speak about this new service. What made you create ChainPay? I’d encountered Bitcoin a few years before I considered launching a Bitcoin based startup. About 3 years ago

    James Carter of AltXE Discusses ChainPay

    | 2015/01/26 8:00 am
  • Editors Note: Bitcoinist is bringing you a series of market information and trading guides by Yann Wahli of Crypto Finance Analysis Consulting Dear trader, Here is the second article of our Decadays Market Report series. The first one is still available here. The last ten days have seen all resistances give way. Ten day ago, I was telling you “The coming days do not look bright, and Bitcoin could well get bellow $255 quite fast.”

    Decadays Trading Report and Guide 2

    | 2015/01/26 4:18 am
  • Dark Wallet is known to many in the Bitcoin community, as it makes it easier to transact with Bitcoin anonymously. An update for Dark Wallet has been released, which brings real cash withdrawals into the wallet. The new update will bring many improvements to the Darkwallet, including: Experimental ATM tool/fast cash out module History is now cached on the wallet Broadcaster feedback improved, and general gateway status overhaul Unlimited storage for the plugin Compatibility fixes for

    Dark Wallet Alpha 8 Released

    | 2015/01/25 9:00 pm
  • “By partnering with Ingenico Group, worldwide leader in seamless payment, Paymium reaches a new milestone in the development of Bitcoin. We now allow any European merchant to simply accept payments using the Bitcoin network without risk, since transactions collected in bitcoins are immediately converted to Euros.”-Gonzague Grandval, Paymium co-founder. The partnership will now open up the ability to accept bitcoins for Ingenico’s large merchant base. Europe has been one of the hottest bitcoin markets but

    Paymium Partners With Ingenico To Bring Bitcoin To Europe

    | 2015/01/25 3:00 pm
  • Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, leaders of Bitinstant’s seed funding, have proposed an idea that should shake a few heads in the bitcoin community. Many people use bitcoin for its decentralized and unregulated nature, but the Winklevoss Twins have proposed creating a regulated Bitcoin exchange in the United States. The Winklevoss twins became well known for their lawsuit against Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, in which they received a $65 million dollar settlement. As of right now,

    Winklevoss Twins Propose Fully Regulated Bitcoin Exchange

    | 2015/01/25 8:00 am
  • During the Miami Bitcoin Conference 2015, Bitcoinist was able to conduct several interviews and make new connections which will be posted for your reading pleasure at a later time. One of the contacts we met was Emily, a representative from Shapeshift. In this interview, we discussed what ShapeShift does and briefly talked the Shifty Button, which allows website owners to accept altcoins that are automatically exchanged into Bitcoin.  For people that don’t know, what is Shapeshift and

    Shapeshift Interview: Exchange Cryptocurrencies Instantly!

    | 2015/01/24 10:35 pm
  • Update — 1/24/2014: We have changed this article to fix a reporting mistake. Previously, we stated the Bitspark had partnered with bitcoin.co.id. The company has actually partnered with ArtaBit, an Indonesian Bitcoin payment processor.  Bitspark, a Hong Kong based bitcoin exchange, has expanded its Bitcoin remittance service to the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia. Now, Indonesian workers in Hong Kong will be able to remit funds back to their loved ones in Hong Kong for

    BitSpark Brings Bitcoin Remittances to Indonesia

    | 2015/01/24 3:00 pm
  • There have been a few developments in the Silk Road case, and we will cover the main findings regarding the ongoing trial including Ross Ulbricht Ross Ulbricht(Dread Pirate Roberts?) The main change in the Ross Ulbricht case is the evidence presented by the FBI. The most important object was Ross Ulbricht’s laptop that was shown to have a digital journal that depicted his involvement in Silk Road as well as creating it. The information found

    Ross Ulbricht’s Journal Introduced as Evidence In The Case Against Him

    | 2015/01/24 8:00 am
  • Buttercoin is a United States-based Bitcoin marketplace. They connect buyers and sellers directly and instantly. CEO Cedric Dahl had this to say in regards to what buttercoin is trying to achieve: “ Our long-term vision is to enable international remittances and to make them easier. We are infrastructure. Our plan is like a three course meal. We have the appetizer, which is the current stage where we build a US bitcoin marketplace. Main course we

    Interview with Cedric Dahl, CEO of Buttercoin

    | 2015/01/23 9:00 pm
  • Lizard Squad is the infamous team of black hat hackers who are best known for DoSing Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s Playstation Network. The wildly popular gaming platforms were down on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, leaving many gamers unable to enjoy their new consoles.  The group of self-described “cyber terrorists” were  involved in numerous other illegal acts, including calling in a fake bomb threat on the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The school took this threat

    Lizard Squad Made $11,000 in BTC from DoSing

    | 2015/01/23 8:00 am
  • The developers at ziftrCOIN recently announced that they had reached a new milestone in their presale efforts by receiving $750,000 for their coins. During the home stretch of their presale, they told Bitcoinist that they were eyeing the million dollar mark and feel as though they’ll soon pass that landmark. “Partnering with major retailers who accept user-friendly alternative ziftrCOIN, consumers are given a platform to shop and explore digital currency opportunities,” Ziftr said. “With the end

    ZiftrCOIN Raises $750,000 in Presale, Eyeing One Million Mark

    | 2015/01/23 1:00 am
  • Lighthouse, a decentralized crowdfunding platform, was first announced almost a year ago by Bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn. The project kept a low profile, but the Bitcoin community has been anxiously waiting for the project ever since it was announced. Finally, the project launched on January 20, almost an entire month into 2015. The Bitcoin wallet needed to use Lighthouse can be downloaded for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Lighthouse is the world’s first

    Lighthouse Finally Launches

    | 2015/01/22 9:00 pm
  • Easbit, is a new company trying to lead the Bitcoin mobile applications industry; now Easbit is introducing its newest app, a high level secured and “granny proof” Bitcoin wallet application exclusively designed for android smartphones. The Easbit App’s only purpose is to provide you with a secure, user-friendly crypto currency transaction platform for android users while enabling them to send and receive secured transactions in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

    EasBit: Secure Bitcoin Wallet for Android

    | 2015/01/22 3:00 pm